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 3279 Ian F Flemming; 3949 Angus Armstrong; 4638 Ronald W McKinlay; 7690 W. Craig Riddell; 8162 Ken R Moulden; 12190 Ross Lambert – Lifetime Membership; 16429 Vince Fagnan – Lifetime Membership; 19531 Ken Tong – Lifetime Membership; 26754 Luc J Bilodeau – Lifetime Membership; M2087 Josh Campbell – Lifetime Membership.

26281 Liam J Bell – Lifetime Membership; E4613 Arthur Neadow.

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More Photos from Reunion Weekend…

Ex Cadets & More in the news

Direct From Panet House…

What are these 24 up to these days…?

Class Notes

11338 Bruce Barteaux: Champ at Running Circles

12th International Conference on CANDU Fuel

Training for the “M”

As I See It…Job Not Really Over for FYOP Staff

What are I Years Doing Now That FYOP is Fisished?

Victoria Edwards: Father Jean-Paul Rochefort, R.C. Chaplain

3069 W.A. McColl’s – III Year – 1951: “Today’s parade

will probably be the biggest one any of us will be in

for years now if not for life.”

Sports, Recreation & Clubs

Careers / Carrières & Young Lady Looking for Part–Time Work in Ottawa Area



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1. ALWAYS A LEADER – The Lives of Major Danny McLeod – $30 plus tax

2. The First 125 Years – Physics at RMC – $40 plus tax

3. The Roadants – $40 plus tax

H&S charges – minimum$15. International shipping price subject to actual costs.

Please note (1): We discovered a slight flaw (clerical error) on the dust cover of ” The First 125 Years – Physics at RMC” consequently the cover is in the process of being changed and there will be a delay in selling and on shipping the book out. We regret any inconvenience to those who have prepaid.

Note (2) Orders for any/ all of the books may be made through the Gift Shop. rmcclub@rmc.ca or 1-888 386-3762.

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