Keeping Tabs

17917 Ty J. Shattuck – Chief Executive Officer at McMaster Innovation Park

14935 Jacquie Doucette – Retirement isn’t the END OF THE ROAD… it’s the start of the NEXT JOURNEY! What are you going to do?

11620 François Bureau – Senior Associate at David Pratt and Associates

17471 Ian Ives – Solution Architecture | Team Leader | Business Application Delivery

18249 Paula Sams – Finance Manager at Public Health Agency of Canada

16429 Vince Fagnan – President & Principal Consultant at Norgold Consulting, Senior Defence Associate at Samuel Associates

19038 Ian Flannagan – Ship Platform Design/Combat Systems Integration Canadian Surface Combatant

24712 Brent Fisher – Naval Warfare Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces

15312 Martine Gagne – Partner – IBM Canada Ltd (Retired) / Associée – IBM Canada Ltée (Retraitée)

18818 Cam Crosbie – Vice President, Savings & Retirement at Equitable Life of Canada

14481 Linda Newton – President, Linda Newton Consulting

23919 James Astor – Global Head of Product at SkipTheDishes / Just Eat Takeaway

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