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“There is no doubt in my mind that physical ability is of the utmost importance in battle conditions. The whole range of physical education – from training and recreation to intramural and varsity sports – is absolutely critical to develop leadership ability. Your contribution to the RMC Foundation Athletics Endowment Fund will ensure that this tradition continues.”

H25917 Maj (Ret’d) Danny McLeod MC, CD


“For those of us who took part in the 2006 Canoe Fundraiser for the Danny McLeod Athletic Fund, one challenge was to raise money and the other was to paddle from Ottawa to Kingston through the length of the historic locks and the beautiful fall scenery of the Rideau Canal and the Rideau Lakes. On the final day, the highlight of the event was stopping for a salute on the shore at RMC in front of the Commandant’s House, wringing wet but with Danny McLeod aboard and then finishing in Navy Bay in front of the Stone Frigate, prior to getting dried out and changed to attend the Legacy Dinner. We’ll do it again in 2011 for the same reasons: to raise money for this important cause, to enjoy the beauty of Canada’s Rideau Canal in the fall and, for those Ex-Cadet paddlers who are older than many, to prove to ourselves that we’re not past it yet. TDV.”

H4860 Gen (Ret’d) John de Chastelain OC, CMM, CD, CH


“I have followed the various war canoe trip fundraisers organized by Geoff Bennett with a great deal of interest and envy. I saw them off at the War Memorial in Ottawa on the last trip and I still have the image of General John de Chastelain standing in the bow of the canoe playing the bagpipes. I am sure the 2011 rendition of the trip will be equally as eventful. I am looking forward to participating and I am also looking forward to my class of ’68 providing me with generous financial support to the Colleges and moral support to me.”

H7543 Senator Joe Day


“Logo courtesy of Sleeman/Unibroue”

Three previous voyages raised a total of $200,000 for athletics at RMC. Donations have doubled with each trip, from $28,000 in 2000, $57,000 in 2001, to $115,000 in 2006. The funds raised in 2006 were committed to the Danny McLeod Athletic Endowment Fund in honour of one of our most well-known sports personalities. This fund supports the entire spectrum of varsity athletics at RMC. The balance at the end of 2010 stood at $142,000. If the sun shines and “the creek don’t rise” the paddlers aim to get the fund above $200,000 this year.

Give athletics a boost and give the “Maj” a 90th birthday present – pledge a paddler now and pay later! Pick your favourite from the photo gallery on the RMC Foundation website. You may also make a pledge or tax-deductible donation by calling Jennifer Jordan at 1-888-386-3762.


Class of 1960 4815 Mike Jackson

Class of 1960 H4860 John de Chastelain

Class of 1963 5893 Tom Gee

Class of 1968 H7543 Joe Day

Class of 1971 8684 Peter Holt

Class of 1971 8725 Fergus McLaughlin

Class of 1971 8788 Geoff Bennett

Class of 1971 8816 Marius Grinius

Class of 1971 8833 John Leggat

Class of 1971 8926 Ray Hook

Class of 1972 9143 Bruce McAlpine

Class of 1983 M0288 Roxanne Rees

Class of 1986 15414 Catherine Paquet-Rivard

Class of 1997 20800 Cindy McAlpine

Class of 2002 22461 Claire Bramma

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