OCdts. On Parade

Photo by: Cynthia Kent

II Term Leaders Scheduled to Take Over – December 18th. Photo left – Top 4 (L-R) CWTO, Naval Cadet Arthur; CWC, Naval Cadet, Chong; CWAdO, Officer Cadet,  Beare; and DCWC, Officer Cadet  Bernatchez.

Most Ex cadets likely are not up-to-date in regards to how the Cadet Wing leadership is decided for each academic term. To clear the matter up we contacted Director of Cadets, LCol Susan Wigg and asked her to describe the process for us.

We appreciate the thorough and prompt reply from LCol Wigg.

Hello Bill

I would be happy to divulge the transparent process.

The foundation of our approach is based in CF and DND standards for position selection or hiring practice. It is conducted to ensure the utmost respect and dignity for the candidates. Criteria for selection are designed to choose top performing leaders representative of the core values of the CF with strong, balanced capabilities of the four college components. Ultimately, they will also be motivated for the specific tasks they will perform and are likely to complement the other members of the command team so as to create a positive, inspiring, capable and accountable top leadership element for the Cadet Wing.

The objective is to compile a list of ten or so files that will be interviewed by a selection panel chaired by the Director of Cadets (DCdts). The selection panel regular membership includes the Military Wing Sergeant Major (MWSM) and the current Cadet Wing Commander (CWC). Two additional non-Military Wing members complete the panel to ensure a balanced perspective and transparency. This year’s members were the Chief of Staff (Equivalent rank to DCdts) and the College Chief Warrant Officer.

To be completely open and to ensure eligible Officer Cadets are considered, the CWC initiates a process whereby interested 4th years submit a memo requesting selection to one or more of the CWC, Deputy CWC (DCWC), Cadet Wing Training Officer (CWTO) and Cadet Wing Administration Officer (CWAdO) positions. These memos are passed through the Cadet Wing chain of command to the Squadron Commanders. Any military or academic staff having insight and wishing to nominate a candidate can do so as well by alerting the appropriate Squadron or Division Commander of their recommendation. In this manner, strong candidates who did not self-identify are included.

The CWC chairs a Cadet panel to provide a Cadet Wing recommendation of ten files or so. These are considered from the files submitted as well as any others that Officer Cadets feel are strong candidates but had not self-identified.

Division Commanders chair an internal board to bring a pre-designated number of candidates to a Wing level screening board chaired by the Deputy Director of Cadets (DDCdts). The board consists of all Division Commanders, the Chief Instructor and the Adjutant. The board considers the Division Commander recommendations and the ten candidates that the CWC submits on behalf of his chain of command. The selection is a consensus of the board including the DDCdts so that the top ten or so files are presented to the DCdts selection panel.

Each board sets its criteria before considering files. The final interview format is designed so candidates have the same questions and time limit. The four positions are decided through consensus of the DCdts selection panel. As a final validating check, the DCdts seeks confirmation of academic capabilities directly with the Deans and confirms with the Commandant that there are no outstanding factors to prevent announcing the Bar Slate designates. Prior to announcing, the DCdts and MWSM inform the candidates as a group of the decision.

LCol Susan Wigg


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