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“My Top 4 and CSLs have constantly been given more authority and responsibility to lead the wing. We have emphasized the need for that responsibility to be held by barmen at flight and section levels. We have asked the wing to hold a higher standard for itself on a day-to-day basis. The wing has supported us and we are making progress for the next Top 4 to build from.”

24912 Jeremy Whalen – CWC – I Term 2010 – 2011 academic year

Photos by: Francis Themens

Last meeting before the changing of the guard

On Monday, the Commandant and CCWO held their regularly scheduled meeting with the Cadet Top Four. With the term winding down, the focus of this week’s meeting was on ensuring that the conditions were set across the Cadet Wing for a successful Exam routine while also managing the ‘energy’ as the Xmas break approaches. The leadership team also took some time to discuss ‘transitions and hand over’s’ as the top four prepare to hand the ‘con’ to their just announced reliefs.

Commodore Truelove, didn’t hesitate when asked about the performance of this Top 4. “The first term Top Four have done an incredible job and have ‘grown’ immensely over the semester.” He also added,  “They have gained incredible insights on leadership and demonstrated their personal strengths in leading the Cadet Wing. Well done to all the first term Barmen and women for a great job!”


Photo by: Cynthia Kent

Photo: Designated CSLs II Term – Confident and poised to take over CSL duties.

Front row (L-R): Simon Meunier (1 Sqn), Francis Dion (5 Sqn), Aarthi Prabhakaran (10 Sqn), Samantha Beckett (4 Sqn), John McSheffrey (7 Sqn)

Middle row: John Belliveau (13 Sqn), Stephen Prior (11 Sqn), Kaity Baskerville (2 Sqn), Mark Noel (Otter Sqn)

Back row: Matthew Wookey (6 Sqn), Kevin Bowness (9 Sqn), Bernie Csabai (12 Sqn), Mael Roy-Richard (3 Sqn), Matthew Gallaway (8 Sqn)


“A” Division Christmas Dinner

“B” Division Christmas Dinner

“C” Division Christmas Dinner

The traditional RMC special Christmas dinners were held last Tuesday – A Division; Wednesday – B Division; Thursday – C Division in the Cadet Dining Hall (Yeo Hall).

Military & civilian staffs, and senior cadets  served cadets a full-course holiday feast, while the youngest member of each Division had a chance to be Director of Cadets during the meal and DCdts experienced the life of a cadet.

By all accounts, these festive events were a huge success and welcome break from the increasing academic load as exams approach.

Photos contributed from : Dan Fleming “A” slide show ; Francis Themens “B” & “C” slide show; Alex Gillis “B” & “C” solo photos


Wednesday Morning PMT

PMT – Professional Military Training

Cadets at the Royal Military College have time set aside every Wednesday mornings for Professional Military Training (PMT) from 0800-1000 hrs. This time goes towards cadets graduating with the majority of their Officer Professional Military Education (OPME) credits.

PMT sessions include anything from drill classes to briefings on a variety of topics. Some of the highlights have been the lectures from prominent MP’s on the workings of Parliament to the CDS briefing the Fourth years two weeks ago.

Professional Military Training (PMT) is an important part of the cadet training. Last week (24 Nov), the first year cadets received a briefing regarding “The Benefits for Married and Common-law Members; second year cadets were briefed about the “Dispute Resolution Centre”; while the third and fourth year cadets had the pleasure of receiving a briefing from a couple of 2Lt’s on the topic of Warning Orders and Op Orders.

Over the course of the Fall term, generally, first year cadets receive briefings regarding military traditions and regulations. Second years mainly spend their PMT time learning sword drill. Third and Fourth year cadets often receive briefings from visiting senior officers regarding operations and the many other possibilities that exist once they graduate and march out through the arch.

Last Wednesday, however, the third and fourth year cadets had the pleasure of receiving a briefing from a couple of very sharp 2Lt’s – Simon Johnson and Chirag Joshi on the topic of Warning Orders and Op Orders. This was taught to these senior cadets to refresh their memories on the topic and also to ensure that when they submit Op Orders for taskings, that they are doing so correctly.

The feedback we received on the III & IV presentations was very positive.

Photos by: Francis Themens


Photos by: Dan Fleming

Large Chinese Delegation Visits RMC

On Friday (26 Nov), the College was pleased to host a senior delegation from the Chinese National Defence University. On behalf of the Commander CDA, the Commandant and Dr.Fugere ( A/Principal ) joined the visitors for a brief by CDA staff, office call with the Commandant, tour of the College grounds and lunch at the SSM.

This was an excellent opportunity to learn from one another and to explore potential areas of further cooperation in the future. The guests left with a much better understanding and admiration of the excellence of RMCC and the Cadets.


Celebrating aboriginal culture

Photo by: Cynthia Kent

On Friday evening, the Commandant and “College Mom” travelled to Hamilton to support the ALOY cadets who performed live for the opening of the annual Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards.

Joined by MGen Howard A/CLS, members of the ALOY leadership team, and many CF aboriginal members, the evening was an incredible showcase of Aboriginal musical talent from across Canada and the US.

The ALOY cadets performed two drum songs during the opening of the celebration of Aboriginal talent and recognition of the aboriginal warriors who have served and continue to serve in the CF.

Well done to the ALOY cadets for their incredible professionalism and talent in representing RMC on this national stage.


Chevalier Cup – On Grey Cup Day!

(click on football photos for better viewing)

Under perfect conditions, teams from the SSM and the Cadet Mess competed in the inaugural annual Chevalier Cup. In a hard fought game, the Cadet Mess prevailed over the SSM by a final of 18 – 12. While the younger and more agile cadets won the match, the TSN ‘play of the game’ clearer goes to the last play of the game by the SSM – a flee-flicker from Buxton to Wendland for the touchdown throw to Nathan Price – the crowd went wild!!

Following the game, the players enjoyed some post game refreshments and camaraderie in the Cadet mess as they prepared to watch the Grey Cup. Well done to all the organizers for putting together this fun event which holds great promise to become an annual classic at RMC!!

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