Recreation/Competitive Club Recognition Evening

Article & Photos by: Kristin Miller – Recreation and Intramural Coordinator

On Wednesday April 2nd, a social was organized in honour of all the RMCC Recreation Club Volunteers who have contributed their time and energy ensuring the success of each club.  The evening began at 1900hrs in the Cadet Mess beginning with cocktails and h’ordeuvres, followed by a presentation including special recognitions and awards.  The evening wrapped up with a social allowing all club volunteers to celebrate their season.   Well done on the organization and execution of the event by CWSRO NCdt Iain Wilson who also acted as emcee of the evening. Thank you to SISP for helping with the funding of the event, it was enjoyed by all.

For Rowing, this year’s Dedication of Leadership award recipient was NCdt Kyle Williams (26470). The MVP was awarded to OCdt Matthew Noonan (26497).

For Women’s Rugby, the Most Improved Athlete was awarded to OCdt Rabia Soni (26467), and the MVP to OCdt Gwen Jang-Naruse (26773).

For the Running Club, OCdt Spencer Raymond (27187) received Rookie of the Year, and Male MVP for track was awarded to OCdt Pierre-Alexandre Lacasse (26726). For both track and cross country, this year’s female MVP was OCdt Michelle Begin-Major (26037), and the award for male MVP for cross country was given to OCdt Jordan Vadala (25879).

For Sailing, this year’s Rookie of the Year was presented to OCdt Alexandre Castagna (27008), and the MVP award was given to OCdt Brittany Germain (26554).

For Swimming, this year’s Dedication and Leadership award was presented to NCdt Jessica Henry (26171), and the MVP award was given to OCdt Jean-Francois Levesque (26916).

For Taekwondo, Rookie of the Year was presented to OCdt Thomas Song (26983), and the MVP award was given to A/SLT Jason Song .

Special recognition was given to certain individuals for their contributions above and beyond what is required in their role as Supervisor/Head Coach. Paul Overvelde, Head Coach of the Rowing Club, Capt. Labonte, Expedition Club Supervisor and Sgt. Rob Taillon, SCUBA Club Supervisor.

The Volunteer of the Year award is presented annually to an Officer-Cadet who has demonstrated leadership, commitment and has made a significant contribution to their respective club. There were 4 nominees this year including OCdt Stephanie Paquette (26268) from the Expedition Club, OCdt Hansen Tan (26140) from the Airsoft/Paintball Club, OCdt Michelle Begin-Major (26037) from the Multisport Club and OCdt Matt Noonan (26497) from the Rowing Club. This year’s recipient of the Volunteer of the Year award was OCdt Michelle Begin-Major!  Félicitations!

LCol Lemyre closed the evening congratulating all the volunteers, nominees and award recipients.

A sincere thank you is offered to the RMCC Foundation for their tremendous financial contributions  to the 2013/2014 RMCC Recreation programs.


2014 Winter IM Parade

Article & Photos by: Kristin Miller – Recreation and Intramural Coordinator

Winter intramurals have come to an end. We wrapped up the season Wednesday morning, March 26th on the parade square, where awards were given to Officer-Cadets in recognition of top performance, championship winners, and best display of sportsmanship.

The Most Sportsmanlike, presented by CWC OCdt (IV) Marc Pelletier were:

In Inner Tube Water Polo, OCdt Adams, 11 Sqn; in Volleyball, OCdt Desbiens, 7 Sqn; in Ice Hockey Tier A, OCdt Barry, 4 Sqn; in Ice Hockey Tier B, OCdt Landry, 8 Sqn; in Basketball, OCdt Hanlon, 2 Sqn; in Dodgeball, OCdt Bissonette, 2 Sqn.

The Most Valuable Player, presented by Maj Hook, were:

In Inner Tube Water Polo, OCdt Scott, 6 Sqn; in Volleyball, OCdt Zaharia, 9 Sqn; in Ice Hockey Tier A, OCdt Fillion, 11 Sqn; in Ice Hockey Tier B, OCdt MacBride, 4 Sqn; in Basketball, OCdt Boettcher, 8 Sqn; in Dodgeball, OCdt Kim, 10 Sqn.

The Winning Teams, received by Team Captains, and presented by LCol Lemyre, were:

In Volleyball, OCdt St. Onge, 1 Sqn; in Ice Hockey Tier A, OCdt Léonard, D Div; in Ice Hockey Tier B, OCdt Ackerman, A Div; in Basketball, OCdt Lacuna, 6 Sqn; in Dodgeball, OCdt Bishop, 8 Sqn; in Squash, OCdt McDonald, 5 Sqn; in Badminton, OCdt Jacob, 12 Sqn; in Inner Tube Water Polo, OCdt Sirois, 4 Sqn, and OCdt Langevin-Boucher, 7 Sqn received the trophy on behalf of both Squadrons, as the Championship game was unable to be played, resulting in a tie.

Band Most Valuable Player, presented by MWO Reedy, was:

Highland Dancer, OCdt Matlock, 12 Sqn.

Overall Male and Female MVP and Most Sportsmanlike, presented by LCol Lemyre, were:

Most Sportsmanlike Male, Ocdt Barry, 4 Sqn; Most Sportsmanlike Female, OCdt Bissonette, 2 Sqn; Male MVP, OCdt Newcombe, 7 Sqn; Female MVP, OCdt Quathamer, 11 Sqn.

Congratulations to all Officer -Cadets on completing a successful season of Intramurals. Have a great summer, and get ready for 2014 Fall Intramurals!



All Star Hockey Game

Article & Photos by: Kristin Miller – Recreation and Intramural Coordinator

As the end of the 2014 Winter Intramural season approached, OCdt Anders Mech, 12 Sqn, Captain of the All Star Ice Hockey B Tier, put together a team of top players from all Squadrons to face the team of Staff in one final All Star game. A highly anticipated event by staff included an impressive roster made up of Cmdt Meinzeinger, Dcdt’s, Training Wing staff, Athletic Department staff and a few others. The two teams, combined with Chief Davidson in the crowd as a strong supporter, made for an interesting game of hockey.

In the first period, a total of 4 goals were scored; one by Tier B and three by staff. In the second and final period, another goal was scored by Tier B team, as well as four more goals by staff, resulting in a 7-2 win for Staff. Ocdt Zachary Carswell, 4 Sqn, acted as Team Captain for Tier B team, as OCdt Mech fell ill and was unable to play.

An outstanding effort was put forth by goalies on both teams, including OCdt Bruni, 7 Sqn, OCdt Falco, 12 Sqn, and Kara Mazerolle playing for Staff. An impressive performance was also given by Cmdt Meinzeinger, as all staff agreed he would be awarded honourary MVP of the game having scored two goals and two assists. Fun was had by all and we hope to keep this tradition alive, as staff have already begun training for next year!