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Positions Available / Postes disponibles

Here is a list of job opportunities provided by our partners from RHR with the working area and the experience required. To see the complete details of the jobs, you should be registered on www.RMC-Careers.com.

Voici une liste des possibilités d’emploi fournis par nos partenaires de RHR avec la zone de travail et l’expérience requises. Pour voir le détail des offres d’emplois, vous devez être inscrits sur www.cmrcarrieres.com.

1- Assistant Director – electrical (Directeur adjoint électricité) – Gatineau – 10 years and more

2- Senior Engineer – mecanical (Ingénieur senior en mécanique du bâtiment) – Gatineau – 10 to 15 years

3- Project’s Director (Directeur de projets) – Montréal – 5 years and more

4- Engineer – water and salubrity (Ingénieur Eau Potable – Assainissement) – Laval – 5 years and more

5- Engineer – Construction (Ingénieur de chantier – ouvrages d’arts) – Montréal – 5 to 10 years


ROYAL ROADS: Ex-Cadet Oral History Project

A project dedicated to recording the cadet experience at Royal Roads

We are interested in preserving stories that capture moments throughout the cadet experience. From’wakey wakey’ to ‘kye’ in the gunroom; from initiation to skylarks; from new recruit to graduation.

The aim of this project is to document the history of Royal Roads through the stories of cadets and staff.

What do you remember about attending Royal Roads?

Project Update – June 2008

50 interviews have been conducted since Homecoming 2007, with a result of over 30 hours of film and 200 pages of transcriptions. A 50-minute DVD documentary has been created utilizing excerpts from the interviews as well as historic photos.

The film was shown to a large gathering of ex-cadets on May 25, 2008. Coming Full Circle: Remembrances of Royal Roads Ex-Cadets is available by donation. All proceeds will go towards the Royal Roads Military Heritage Fund.

Download the DVD order form HERE.

How to Participate

Interviews – We would like to continue interviewing ex-cadets and staff about their Royal Roads experience. Some of the interviews will be videotaped, and the others recorded. Typical questions will be: What were your first impressions when you arrived at Royal Roads? What was a typical day like? What did you do for fun? What was unique about Royal Roads? How has your training at Royal Roads served you throughout your life?

Stories – It you are unable to participate in an interview, but have written stories and anecdotes, we would be pleased to include them in the collection.

Interview Excerpts

“I remember coming here. We came into the parade square and we all lined up, and it was the first time that I got the feeling that I was in this with a bunch of other people that were in the same boat as me. So, there was some reassurance that we were all doing this together.” – 10340 Rick Wing, Class of 1972

“Wakey wakey was 6:30 in the morning. You had 20 minutes to get your bed perfectly made, get properly dressed, get cleaned up, and fall in. And then you went to breakfast. And then you went down to the locker room and you got properly brushed because we wore navy blue uniforms, and everything had to be totally free of this rather strange substance called ‘froust’ – that was anything that was detectable by the naked eye on your navy blue outfit which was not supposed to be there.” – 4459 Ed Murray, Class of 1957

For more information, contact:

Karen Inkster
Alumni & Heritage Projects

Phone: 250-391-2600 ext. 4405
E-mail: Karen.Inkster@royalroads.ca


Call for Papers – 7th Annual REGIS Graduate Student Conference

Deadline for proposals: January 23rd, 2009

The Research Group in International Security (REGIS) 7th annual graduate student conference will be hold on April 4th 2009. Here are a few topics of interest: Strategic Studies, Military History, Civil War, Disarmament, Security and Defense Policies, Civil-Military Relations, Peace Operations, Weapons Proliferation.

This year, the best paper will receive a grant to highlight excellence in graduate research. Papers can be presented in both English and French. Proposals should not exceed 200 words. Please include a short biography. Submit proposals at gersi@umontreal.ca. Address all questions and comments to Stefanie von Hlatky. Information about REGIS can be found at www.gersi.umontreal.ca

Appel de communications – 7e colloque étudiant du GERSI

Date limite de réception des soumissions : 23 janvier 2009

Le 7e colloque annuel pour les étudiants des cycles supérieurs du Groupe d’étude et de recherche sur la sécurité internationale (GERSI) se tiendra le 4 avril 2009.Nous invitons les étudiants des cycles supérieurs à soumettre des propositions de communication portant sur les études de sécurité définies au sens large. Voici quelques exemples de thèmes qui pourraient être abordés : Les études stratégiques, L’histoire militaire, Les guerres civiles, Le désarmement, La prolifération des armes de destruction massive, Le maintien de la paix, Les relations civils-militaires, Les politiques de défense et de sécurité.

Le but premier de ce colloque est de permettre aux étudiants de présenter les résultats de leurs recherches et de favoriser la collaboration entre étudiants de diverses institutions universitaires nord-américaines. Cette année, le meilleur papier se verra attribuer une bourse pour souligner l’excellence de la recherche étudiante. Les propositions de communications, en français ou en anglais, ne doivent pas dépasser 200 mots. Veuillez inclure une courte biographie et les soumettre par courriel, à gersi@umontreal.ca. Pour toute question ou commentaire, veuillez vous adresser à Stéfanie von Hlatky. Pour plus d’information à propos du GERSI, consultez le www.gersi.umontreal.ca


Call for Canadian International Council Fellowships

The 2009 call for Canadian International Council (CIC) Research Fellows is now open. The CIC Fellowship Program is a highly competitive program that seeks to attract both eminent established researchers as well as Canada’s most promising young minds and provides them with the opportunity to help guide Canada on pressing foreign policy issues.

Research areas include: Canada-India Relations, Canada and the Americas, and International Financial Crisis. The application deadline is 28 February 2009.


Le concours de bourses de recherche

Le concours de bourses de recherche du Conseil international du Canada (CIC) est maintenant ouvert. Ce programme hautement concurrentiel veut offrir à des experts réputés aussi bien qu’à des chercheurs d’avenir la possibilité d’orienter l’action du Canada face aux enjeux de politique étrangère les plus pressants. Les domaines de recherche comprennent : les relations Canada-Inde, Canada et les Amériques, et la crise financière international. La date limite de présentation des demandes est 28 février 2009.


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