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The Canadian Association for Security and Intelligence Studies is soliciting papers for its 2009 annual conference to be held at the Crown Plaza Hotel, Ottawa from 29-31 October 2009. Scholars, graduate students, serving and retired intelligence personnel, military police, and government analysts, and independent researchers are invited to submit proposals for papers and/or panels which address topics from the broad spectrum of current and historical intelligence and security issues, Canadian or international. Proposals for papers should consist of a one-page title, abstract, biographical note on the presenter. Proposals for panels should identify the th eme, and include abstracts and biographical notes for all panellists. Proposals should be submitted by email to: secretariat@casis.ca Deadline for submissions: 1 May 2009 www.casis.ca

L’Association canadienne pour les études de renseignement et de sécurité lance un appel de communications pour son colloque annuel 2009 au hotel Crowne Plaza, Ottawa du 29 au 31 Octobre, 2009. Les universitaires, les membres du personnel du renseignement (en service et retraités), les policiers militaires, les analystes gouvernementaux et les chercheurs indépendants sont invités à soumettre des propositions de communication ou de panel sur des sujets qui s’inscrivent dans le large spectre des questions actuelles et passées, canadiennes et internationales, du renseignement et de la sécurité. Les propositions de communications doivent être constituées d’une page contenant le titre et le résumé de la présentation et d’une page biographique con cernant le conférencier. Les propositions de panels doivent indiquer le thème traité et contenir les résumés de chaque présentation et la biographie de chaque conférencier. Les propositions doivent être soumises par courriel à : secretariat@casis.ca La date limite pour l’envoi de propositions est le 1er mai 2009. www.casis.ca


The Canadian Peace Research & Education Association (CPREA) Programme Committee has extended the deadline for submitting proposals for the 2009 CPREA Conference to 12 March 2009. The CPREA Annual Conference will be held at Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, during May 28-30, 2009. The CPREA Annual Conference is part of the 2009 Congress of Humanities and Social Sciences of Canada. More than 8,000 participants are expected to attend the Carleton University-hosted conferences. The CPREA invites paper/panel presentation proposals from academics, graduate students, researchers and Peace educators/advocates in such disciplines, but not limited to, Social Sciences, Education, Law, Human Rights, Policy Studies, the United Nations System and Global Governance, Peace & Security Research and other related fields. Please send a 125-150-word proposal, including the proposal’s Author’s Full Name, Title, Institutional Affiliation, Complete Postal Address, Telephone Number and E-mail Address to: Dr. Shreesh Juyal, Chair, CPREA Programme Committee at Shreesh.Juyal@RMC.ca . REGISTRATION: Once your paper proposal has been accepted, please register for the CPREA Conference and the 2009 Congress, online via secure server at:www.fedcan.ca/congress2009 We look forward to receiving your proposals and hope, you will join us in Ottawa on May 28th.


The Air Force Centennial of Flight Project, in celebration of 100 years of powered flight in Canada, is pleased to present the Centennial of Flight Military Aviation Art Contest. Paintings submitted to the contest will be displayed in an online art gallery so that Canadians across the country may appreciate the proud military aviation heritage we share. The deadline for submissions being considered for prizes is 2 March 2009. The art piece should capture the rich and proud history of military aviation in this country, the sacrifices of the people who made that history, and the impact of military aviation in Canada and abroad. The art piece need not necessarily relate to historical events or air battles, but can also depict on-going air operations. The three winning original art works (the actual paintings) will become the property of the Department of National Defence. The First Prize is $3,500; the Second Prize $2,000 and third prize $1,000. http://www.canadiancentennialofflight.ca/airforce/contest_e.htm

Dans le cadre des célébrations du centenaire du premier vol propulsé au Canada, l’organisation du projet du Centenaire de l’aviation de la Force aérienne a le plaisir de lancer un concours d’œuvres d’art sur le thème de l’aviation militaire à l’occasion du Centenaire de l’aviation. Les tableaux soumis au concours seront exposés dans une galerie en ligne pour que tous les Canadiens puissent constater le fier héritage en aviation qui est le nôtre.Toutes les candidatures doivent parvenir au plus tard le 2 mars 2009. L’œuvre doit témoigner de la riche histoire de l’aviation militaire au Canada, des sacrifices faits par les personnes qui ont jalonné cette histoire et de l’influence qu’a eue l’aviation militaire au Canada et à l’étranger. Les originaux (tableaux) des trois œuvres d’art gagnantes deviendront la propriété du ministère de la Défense nationale. Il n’est pas nécessaire que l’œuvre se rapporte à des événements historiques ou à des combats aériens, mais elle peut représenter des opérations aériennes en cours. Le premier prix est 3 500 $, le deuxième prix est 2 000 $ et le troisième prix est 1 000 $. http://www.canadiancentennialofflight.ca/airforce/contest_f.htm


Educational opportunities at RMC now open to Cadet Instructor Cadre (CIC)

The following degree and certificate programs in the Royal Military College Division of Continuing Studies are now available to members of the Cadet Instructor Cadre (CIC):

* Bachelor of Military Arts and Science (BMASc)
* Bachelor of Arts (BA)
* Bachelor of Science (BSc)
* Master of Arts degree in War Studies
* Master of Arts in Defence Management and Policy
* Certificate in Environmental Protection
* Certificate in Management with Applications to Defence
* Canadian Forces Military Studies Program (OPME)

Applications can be made on line. Approval is required by their commanding officer and a Record of Service is needed to verify their service. Courses currently cost approximately $385.00 per course, plus the cost of books. There is no cost associated, however, with any of the six courses in the Canadian Forces Military Studies Program: four at the university level and two at the professional level.

Cadet Website

RMC Division of Continuing Studies


The Canadian Military History Gateway is an online service providing access to Websites and digitized resources about Canada’s military history. The Gateway was developed by the Department of National Defence (DND) as an initiative supported by the National Defence On-Line (NDOL) programme and the Department of Canadian Heritage’s Canadian Culture Online Program.

The goal of the Gateway is to “provide the public with free access to the collective military history resources of Canadian museums, libraries, archives and other heritage organizations through a single, dynamic and intuitive gateway”. In drawing the sources of Canada’s military heritage together, the gateway provides an opportunity for all Canadians to learn about a history that has shaped their country.

The Gateway is designed to be the authoritative source for quality-controlled information on Canada’s military history. It provides several ways to discover, access and exploit online military history resources, including a graphical interactive timeline, enhanced search and guided navigation.

It also provides a concise military history of Canada from 1000-2000 A.D. through the online presentation of the three volume Canadian Military Heritage series (by Bernier and Chartrand).

Access the Canadian Military History Gateway HERE.


KVA Canada handling application and selection process for the MPVA Youth Visit applications (grandchildren of Korean War Veterans) extended until February 25.

The Korean Veteran Association Canada’s national vice president Paul Rochon is the point man for administration of the Veteran grandchildren Korea visit program.
Paul has devised a unique third party draw of applications, similar to the way that Korea Veteran Association Canada unit elections are monitored and conducted by non-affiliates. The deadline for applying for one of 20 Canadian places on the Youth Program, is now February 25, 2009. It matches in number those selected for the bereaved family program which has been in effect now for many years. Grandchildren (by blood or legal adoption) of living Korea veterans or of deceased Veterans are fully eligible – including service personnel who fell in Korea and Veterans who passed in later years. The target for holding the program in Korea is early July, 2009. All inquiries and applications with the name of the qualified Korean Veteran and the grandchild and contact information should be sent to Paul Rochon, CD, KVA Canada National Vice President 1st.vandoos.korea@gmail.com or by Fax (519) 668-0265.

Paul Rochon is also the point man for the Korea revisit by Commonwealth Veterans program. The MPVA bereaved family member program, which will take place again this year with 20 Canadian candidates who are next of kin of servicemen who fell in Korea – wives, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, other blood line relatives.

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