Ottawa Branch – Christmas and New Year greetings to alumni/alumna, leadership, staff and students at our Military Colleges and Canadian Forces Personnel serving abroad and at home:

Like all membership organizations on the globe, we’ve been through a pretty rough time. However, I believe that because who we are, we will survive and we will move forward with the best of them. Not only do we have our college and military traditions to hold us together, we have traditions like Christmas and/or the holiday period to keep us grounded in the important matters of our lives: things like family, friends, faith and our personal character strengths.

Let’s remember how much we’ve accomplished in this extraordinary time, individually and collectively. Let’s continue to support each other and let’s take advantage of the holiday season to rest and recharge.

Our colleges will survive. They are well run by highly competent leaders, faculty and staff and the Canadian Armed Forces need the competent leaders like RMC and RMC Saint-Jean produce. However, our colleges and students need our support.

The leadership team of the Ottawa Branch of the RMC Alumni Association wish you and your loved ones good health and happiness now and in the year to come.

H5276 Digger MacDougall


Ottawa Branch

RMC Alumni Association

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