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The Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) Commander announced 2024 active posting season (APS) commanding officer and senior appointments in CANFORGEN 191/32.

“It is with great pleasure that I announce the following commanding officer (CO) and senior Royal Canadian Air Force appointments for the upcoming annual posting season (APS),” said Lieutenant-General (LGen) Eric Kenny in the CANFORGEN.

The appointments featured lieutenant-colonels (LCol), majors and captains (Capt) and also, personnel that will act while so employed (AWSE) and upon promotion (P).

Congratulations To All

“My sincere congratulations to all. These appointments reflect your significant contributions to the RCAF, and they carry with them a heightened degree of expectation of your personal and professional attributes. Your first homework is to deeply comprehend the renewed CAF ethos: trusted to serve. You are to lead by example and embody the high level of trust Canadians, our government and our armed forces personnel deserve,” stated LGen Kenny.

The following officers are appointed Commanding Officers:

  • ATESS CO – LCol Barry Tang
  • 2 CDN AIR DIV HQ CO – Major Brianne Strong
  • CFASC CO – Major Robert Wood
  • 2 CDN AIR DIV HQ A8 – Major Niomi Caldwell
  • 427 SOA SQN CO – LCol Christopher Bray
  • 430 THS CO – LCol Patrick Hollock
  • 450 THS CO – LCol David Wood
  • 1 WG HQ A3 – Major (P AWSE) Alexander Mitchell
  • 2 MSS CO – LCol Isabelle Rochon
  • 2 AETS CO – LCol Marc-Andre La Haye
  • 8 ACCS CO – LCol Melany Lepage
  • 2 ASOS CO – LCol Joshua Riley
  • 3 AMS CO – LCol Robyn Scholes
  • 3 WG HQ W LOG O – Major(P) Francois Hachez
  • 3 WG DCOMD – LCol Peter Williams
  • 410 TAC F (OT) SQN CO – LCOL Ryan Kean
  • 1 AMS CO – LCol Renaud Durand
  • 42 RDR SQN CO – Major Anthony Snow
  • 5 WG MSS CO – Capt(P) Samantha Watson Fredette
  • 436 (T) SQN CO – LCol Ryan Peters
  • 437 (T) SQN CO – LCol Shane Antoniuk
  • 8 AMS CO – MAJ(P) Craig Greeley
  • 8 WG MSS CO – LCol Craig Bradshaw
  • 103 SAR SQN CO – Major Pete Wright
  • 9 WG OSS CO – Capt (P) Lara Chartrand
  • 423 (MH) SQN CO – LCol Kris Sutton
  • 415 (LRPFD) SQN CO – LCol Pierre-Luc Lafontaine
  • 14 WG OSS CO – Major (P) Garrett Milne
  • 14 WG MSS CO – LCol Shawn Mcgeown
  • 3 CFFTS CMDT – LCol Kimberlee Wilton
  • 431 (AD) SQN CO – Major (P AWSE) Jean-Francois Dupont
  • CFSATE CO – LCol David Letellier De St-Just
  • RCAF ACADEMY CMDT – LCol Thinh Nguyen
  • 17 WG OSS CO – LCol Stephane Morencey
  • RCAF BARKER COLLEGE CMDT – LCol Jeffery Coleman
  • CFSSAT CMDT – Major Kevin Mitchell
  • 407 (LRP) SQN CO – LCol Mathieu Kuhn
  • 435 (T AND R) SQN CO – LCol Wesley Cromwell
  • 19 WG DCOMD – Major(P) Claude Rivard
  • 19 AMS CO – LCol Genevieve Vallieres
  • 21 AC AND W SQN CO – LCol Jonathan Gilbert
  • 22 WG DCOMD – LCol John Verran
  • RCAF AWC HQ COS – LCol Tyler Lavigne
  • C AIR FORCE HQ CO – LCol Kirri Lean
  • CAN DET 552 A/C WG DET COMD – Major(P) Andrew Baier

“Challenge Each of You”

“The RCAF is an agile, integrated, and inclusive air and space force which can be relied on to achieve operational advantage. To that end, I depend on you to lead our aviators with integrity, courage and conviction. As you prepare to assume your critical leadership opportunities within the RCAF, I challenge each of you to think about how you will ensure that every member under your command can thrive and grow in a safe, inclusive and respectful environment. I am confident that you are well prepared to succeed in this critical command responsibility,” stated LGen Kenny in the CANFORGEN.

He also noted the recently published RCAF strategy articulates the Air Force’s priorities in the coming years.

“I look forward to the opportunity to articulate my personal views to you at a future RCAF unit command team orientation program (RUCTOP) session. More importantly, I look forward to hearing your ideas and actions in support of our new strategy.”

CANFORGEN 191/23 is the first announcement for the 2024 posting and promotion of RCAF unit appointments. The message noted that further announcements will be made as soon as appointments are finalized.

“Individual posting and promotion messages, where applicable, will follow. I wish you every success throughout your tour,” said the Lieutenant General.

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