Moving on to a second career

22103 Major Laura Sheppard (RMC ’01) AERE, from CP140 Aurora WSM is retiring from the Canadian Forces on 14 April 2008 after over 11 years of loyal and dedicated service. Major Sheppard enrolled in the CF on 20 June 1996 in Corner Brook, NL. She completed her BEng (Mechanical) at RMC in 2001 and was posted to 14 AMS Greenwood where she held the positions of ESO, LSO, and SDO. Maj Sheppard was posted to Ottawa as the CP140/A D/AEO in 2006 and was promoted and posted to the AEO position in 2008. Following her release, Major Sheppard will be relocating and taking up a new career in civilian industry. In her honour, a retirement luncheon will be held on 8 April 2008 at the Heart and Crown, 67 Clearance Street, Ottawa starting at 1130 hrs. Those interested in attending the luncheon are asked to confirm their attendance with Capt Maggie Campbell no later than 4 April 2008 by email at Campbell.MA3@forces.gc.ca. Best wishes, anecdotes and congratulatory messages are to be forwarded to the above e-mail address.






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