A General Meeting of the RMC Club by conference call will be conducted 26 March. Details will be available through various sources soon.

Une assemblée générale du Club des CMR aura lieu le 26 mars. Les détails seront disponibles, sous peu, par des sources variées.


1600, Thursday, March 26th, 2015

1600, jeudi, le 26 mars 2014

 Agenda / l`ordre du jour

1600 h

Roll Call / L’Appel nominal

Sponsor / Responsable: 13987 Bryan Bailey

1605 h

Call to Order and Introductory Remarks

Appel à l’ordre et remarques d’introduction

Sponsor / Responsable: 6440 Tony Goode

1610 h

Adoption of Agenda / Adoption de l`ordre du jour

Sponsor / Responsable: 6440 Tony Goode

1612 h

Governance Restructure Update /

Restructuration du Gouvernance Mise-à- jour

Sponsor / Responsable: 6440 Tony Goode

1620 h

Election of Directors for 2015 /

Élection des Directeurs pour 2015

Sponsor / Responsable: 12059 Jacques Gagné

1635 h

New Business – Club Nouvelles affaires

Sponsor / Responsable: 6440 Tony Goode

1645 h

Vote of Thanks for Retiring Officers and Members /

Remerciements aux membres et officiers sortant de charge

Sponsor / Responsable: 6440 Tony Goode

1647 h

Next Annual General Meeting /

Prochaine assemblée générale annuelle

Sponsor / Responsable: 6440 Tony Goode

1650 h

Adjournment / Ajournement

Sponsor/Responsable: 6440 Tony Goode

Notice of Club Special General Meeting – 26 March 2015

Similar to the Annual General Meeting, all Club members in good standing are eligible to participate in the forthcoming Special General meeting which will be conducted via teleconference.

The meeting will be called to order at 1600 hours EASTERN on Thursday, 26 March 2015.  The primary focus of the meeting will be the election of nine Directors for the Club’s new Board of Directors which was approved on 17 December 2014.

In order to participate, you will need to join the meeting by dialling 1-866-662-0780.  On the prompt, enter the participant code 9247178 followed by #.

Members in good standing, interested in participating, please advise the Executive Director via e-mail at Bryan.Bailey@rmc.ca or by phone – toll free – 1-888-386-3762 or 613 541-6000 x6699.