OCdts. On Parade

Clubs an integral part of life at the College

Cadets at RMC have a very busy schedule – what with balancing the Four Pillars (Academic, Athletic, Bilingualism, Military) – and there is little time left to engage in other pursuits.  However, testament to their versatility and time management skills, many cadets choose to participate in College clubs in addition to their regular duties.  Often providing valuable skills, these clubs serve as healthy outlets for cadets wanting to step out of the College routine and forget about the next day’s inspection.  While “the Hub” and downtown Kingston offer a wealth of entertainment and diversions, College clubs offer a wholesome alternative to the Kingston “night scene”.  Some Ex-Cadets may decry the loss of certain popular clubs (such as the brewing club!), but the new roster includes activities such as paintball and wargames which have “brewed up” just about as much interest.


The 26 RMC Recreation Clubs have cadets in leadership roles. Each Club has an assigned staff supervisor. Overlooking the entire operation is the Personnel Support Program (PSP) staff consisting of the Manager, Ms Christine Powers and her assistant Mr. Chad Blundy


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