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Photos by: Brad Lowe

“La contribution importante des anciens du collège au sein de la socièté canadienne depuis son existence est remarquable. Sur notre territoire ou à l’étranger les actions de nos anciens ont fait et continue toujours de faire une diffèrence.

Within the Profession of Arms, an officer well educated is the source of our moral and physical strength. The appropriate officer education ultimately ensures that we develop, understand the purpose of and keep our bearing as military professionals. Officership skills – specifically, strong values, judgment and ethos, physical strength and readiness, academic acumen, and bilingualism are the four pillars of our success at RMCC. Character, critical thinking, knowledge, mental and physical agility, and dedication to duty and country number among the key leadership attributes. These attributes are the desired outcome of each of RMCC’s pillars. Each pillar contributes to providing RMCC Cadets with the strength, ability and knowledge required to lead with excellence the men and women of the Canadian Forces.”

BGen Eric Tremblay – Incoming commandant

Pre-Parade at the SSM

Prior to the parade a number of special guests attended a short get together at the Senior Staff Mess. (Photos by Dan Flemming)


Photos by: 24487 Dan Fleming


Sunny skies and warm temperatures welcomed a large crowd of military, civilian, family and friends to the Change of Command parade at Royal Military College of Canada (RMCC) this past Thursday, July 14.

15185 Commodore William Truelove (RRMC 1985) signed the Change of Command documents with 14835 Brigadier-General Eric Tremblay and presiding Officer Major-General P.J. Forgues, Commander of the Canadian Defence Academy thus becoming the 44th commandant of RMCC. (Photo by: Brad Lowe)

(Photos by: Brad Lowe)

This CoC parade had the usual pomp and ceremony; speeches for the most part were short and there were a few surprise presentations and two promotions. The 100 or so cadets donned in scarlets were very sharp from the time they marched on and departed. The HMCS Ontriosea cadet band were superb.

All in all – a very nice day!


(Photo by: Brad Lowe)

“I have been supported by many wonderful people.

But I have to say that no one has been more supportive to me than the College “Mom”, Brenda and our daughters, Ashley and Alex.

And while I have the privilege of saying the few final words before we head off, know that my comments come from the entire family.

So I’m gonna get the College Mom, Brenda, along with Ashley and Alex to come join me.

And while they do, I want to publically express my deepest appreciation to them for their support, understanding, commitment and tolerance over the past two busy years.

Collectively, we have enjoyed this experience immensely and I know that Brenda, Ashley and Alex were all very saddened to move out of the residence last week as our time at the College came to an end.

It takes a family ‘team approach’ to be successful in a position like the Commandant of RMC, and I could ask for no better.

I am blessed.”

William Truelove – Outgoing commandant




Photos By Dan Flemming

The SSM was the site of a post-parade social attended by a larger number of family and guests.


RMC COMMAND CHANGE: RMC cadets gathered on the parade square to say good bye to their commandant and welcome a new one.

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