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Sandhurst wins skills competition

“They have noting to hang their heads about,” said RMC Commandant Cmdr. William Truelove, who accompanied the team to the competition this weekend at the U.S. Military Academy.

“They performed very well in the sort of tasks they will be expected to perform when they leave RMC … and I have to say from a personal perspective, this was the the single physically toughest course I have seen in my 28 years.”


Following are a number of great photos taken by OCdt Matt Telfser from the event for e-Veritas readers.

Photos By Matt Telfser


A terrific trip to West Point for Sandhurst. The team performed exceptionally well demonstrating tremendous fitness, determination and professionalism. Their excellence showed on the range where they captured the Marksmanship Award. While the results of the rest of the competition were not what we were hoping for, the team certainly have nothing to feel bad about. We were all immensely proud of their performance across a course that is the most physically and mentally demanding training activity I have ever seen. Each of the team members gave it their all and represented the College and the CF to the very highest standard. The trophy has gone back to Sandhurst for a short visit but I’m sure it will be back home at RMC again very soon. Well done and congratulations to the RMC Sandhurst 2010 team – we are all very proud of you !!

William Truelove – Commandant

Britain’s Royal Military Academy Sandhurst teams – Earns First & Second Place

By: Cody Reed – exclusive to e-Veritas

Since 1997, the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC) has competed in the Sandhurst Military Skills Competition, held at the U.S. Military Academy, West Point, N.Y. They had won four out of the last five years and were hoping for a fifth this past weekend. Unfortunately, this year, RMC didn’t win the Sandhurst Trophy but they did win the Marksmanship Award for their efforts on Friday and gained some valuable experiences.

The Sandhurst Competition is two-day intensive military skills competition that challenges teams to complete a number of tasks along a seven mile course. Some tasks include: boat movement, first aid, wall obstacle and one-rope bridges over water. Consisting of nine members (one female, and two substitutes), over 50 teams entered the competition this year, arriving from the U.S., the U.K., Afghanistan, Chile, and RMC (Canada’s sole team).

Britain’s Royal Military Academy Sandhurst team, after which the competition is named, took home the trophy this past Saturday. RMC had been training for this competition for months, one reason the results came as a shock, especially given the team’s track record at the event. Although, regardless of whom won, the drive and determination shown by RMC’s Sandhurst team was incredible.

“I think we did really well,” said Officer Cadet Nick Bouchard, team captain. “No matter what the reality, we pushed ourselves the whole way.”

From start to finish it took the team about four hours 20 minutes to complete the course, which is an amazing time considering the number of other teams competing against them.

“I’m very proud of these young men and woman. They put in months of rigorous training on top of an already demanding schedule,” said Commodore William Truelove, Commandant of RMC.

The RMC Sandhurst team still competed with some of the fittest young men and woman in the world, at one of the most difficult and demanding military competitions there are, leaving with the Marksmanship Award.

“This is my proudest moment at the college,” said Officer Cadet Nick Bouchard.

Not only was every task completed with the utmost amount of effort, every cadet helped and encouraging each other through the gruelling course. The, teamwork, professionalism and dedication passionately enforced by these cadets over the weekend were undeniably evident.

A Trophy is nice to look at, RMC should know, winning it four out of the last six years. However the skills these young men and woman demonstrated this weekend at West Point are far more rewarding overall. RMC’s team truly deserves the greatest amount of congratulations for their tireless efforts and dedication but also for their ideal representation of truth, duty and valour, three values instilled within the college that cadets work to uphold.

Watch H-3 Sandhurst Slideshow 2010 via YouTube Online

Ed note: We have found out that RMC finished in 6th place out of a total of  49 teams.  Well done!

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