• Most cadets kick off winter term with 5KM march & a DCdt briefing

  • IV Years see light at the end of the tunnel


This past week at the Royal Military College participated in one of two Professional Military Training activities. After the Cadet Wing Commander parade on Wednesday, (7 Jan) the barmen had briefings, and the remainder of the cadet wing went on a 5Km March.

The barmen had the pleasure of sitting in on a briefing this Wednesday, January 7th, with the Director of Cadets, Lieutenant Colonel M. Popov and their various divisional staff. The DCadets briefing included points such as the responsibilities of senior cadets to their juniors (in regards to equipment, knowledge and effectiveness) and a short reminder of the importance of speaking up if faced with harassment from any sector of the College, whether it be training wing, cadet wing or academic departments. After this briefing the barmen were split into their respective divisions (A, B, C and D Div) and underwent briefings regarding different problems at the college and how to most effectively handle issues at the lowest level of the chain of authority. All in all it was a good refresher on the expectations and responsibilities as senior members of the cadet wing.

– OCdt 26659 (III) Danielle Andela

This week for PMT, the slashers in the cadet wing went on a 5Km March to enjoy the Canadian winter and to observe the natural scenery around the RMC campus. As the cadets walked along the perimeters of the campus, it gave them the opportunity not only to appreciate the RMC environment, but to use the time to spend time with one another and boost the unity and morale among the troops. The walk also helped some cadets to learn the need to be ready for any situation in any environment. Lastly, this opportunity helped promote physical activity along the cadet wing, and help build the resilience of our cadets. As LCol Popov mentioned, units train up to -40° weather; what is a mere -25° to our “hard” Officer Cadets. At the end of the march, the OCdts were given time to rest up as they warmed up and prepared for their classes.

– OCdt 27079 (II) Joshua Siu


IV Years Head to the Home Stretch

By: 26670 NCdt IV Katherine Silins – 8 Squadron

In my first and second year at RMC, I remember being jealous when fourth years would run down the hallways the Monday of second semester gleefully proclaiming “It’s the last first day of my undergrad!”. Well, this past Monday, it was my turn. It was definitely a strange feeling to know that the course syllabi I was looking over were for the last exams that I would write at RMC.

It was not, however, all fun and games. My thesis partner and I spend hours in the lab this week trying to comprehend the amount of work that we had left and the College is full of people moving rooms, up and down stairs this weekend.

It’s strange to think that in 4 months EVERYTHING is going to change. In an effort to keep looking ahead, I canvassed some of my 4th year classmates asking them “What moment are you looking forward to the most in your last semester?” Their answers are summarized below.

“The West Point weekend because it’s a great opportunity share common experiences and see how our friends to the South do thing differently”

Zachary Day – 12 Sqn

“My favourite moment in second semester will be finishing my last exam with the Aero Class of 2015 because we have gone through hours in the lab together and are a tight-knit group as a result.”

Alex Pym – 7 Sqn

“I’m looking forward to the Iron Ring ceremony as it will be the final result of four years of frustration, hard work and complete chaos with our Civil Engineering class.”

Matthew Howse – 5 Sqn

“I’m looking forward to applying all of the knowledge that I have gained throughout my time at RMC to the real world.”

Frederic Thouin – 10 Sqn

“Carr-Harris Cup because it’s the biggest game of the year and it represents a lot as far as RMC history goes. It’s a fun game and my last one!”

Evan Deviller – 4 Sqn