Service to Canada spans generations

“I had the interest, I had the tradition to uphold, and when I found RMC, I had the opportunity.” The first year was tough, but John has undergone a full indoctrination into military life.

“It’s grown on me. It constantly challenges me. I’ve grown a lot as a person,” he said.

One of the keys is perseverance. From his class of 280 who entered RMC, only 207 are left.

“There’s a big ‘Never quit’ attitude.”

Like most young people, his career goals have changed as he adapted to military life. He wants to be an air combat systems officer in which he monitors communications and does the tactical command of an aircraft.

“You handle the mission side, and the pilot handles the flying side,” he explained.

“I enjoy the tactical aspect – you’re the guy moving the chess pieces.”

The idea of being deployed into a combat situation is not fear inspiring.

“I’m excited to do my part. I want to be deployed,”

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