Exam Time at RMCC Truly Unique

By: 27421 OCdt (I) Melissa Sanfaçon – 6 Squadron

With the end of the semester, and the holiday season approaching rapidly, that can only mean one thing; exams. Though I’m sure everyone is grateful for the break that follows, there is not much that can take away from the stress of exams. This time of the year provides a different experience for everyone at RMC. For many of the first years, this is their first time writing a university exam, marking a milestone in their studies. For the fourth years, this set of exams brings them one step closer to graduation; which is surely an exciting time. But even these academic accomplishments are unable to detract from the stress and exhaustion that are unavoidable at this time of year.

Though all of this is typical for life as a university student, exam time at RMC appears to me to be truly unique. Having attended a civilian university prior to my time here, I have been through exams and seen the stress and exhaustion. But I have never seen students so dedicated to helping one another even when dealing with their own studies. The unique qualities of an officer cadet do not cease to exist when times get a bit tough, and it is truly remarkable to see. Walking down the hallway to my room, passing by equation covered white boards, and students going out of their way to help one another makes me appreciate being a member of the cadet wing. This type of interaction is something that you do not come across at any other school.

Exams are unavoidable, cause endless stress and sleepless nights, and are generally associated with all things negative. With some hard work and the help from other officer cadets, success is possible, and the long-awaited winter holidays immediately following will make all of the hard work worthwhile.