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Volleyball (W)

Nov 17th – Western 3 – RMC 2 Game Summary

Nov 18th – Windsor 0 – RMC 3 Game Summary

Upcoming Games:


Nov 23rd – RMC vs Carleton @ Carleton, 7:00pm

Nov 24th – RMC vs Ottawa @ Ottawa, 7:00pm

Volleyball (M)

Nov 23rd – RMC vs Queens @ Queens, 7:00pm

Volleyball (W)

Nov 23rd – Ottawa vs RMC @ RMC, 7:30pm

Nov 24th – RMC vs Queens @ Queens, 7:00pm


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2012 Fall Intramural Season Comes to a Close

Article by 26021 OCdt (III) Jonathon Clubine, Cadet Sqn Sports Officer, 6 Sqn

This past Thursday marked the end of the Fall Intramural season for Water Polo, Ball Hockey, Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee and Ice Hockey. The second half of the season was just as competitive as the first; possibly more so, as teams climbed and fell in the standings throughout the season. Going into the post-season, 2 Sqn was the top seed in Soccer, 2 Sqn was the top seed in Ultimate, and 11 Sqn was the top seed in Ball Hockey. In divisional IMs, A Div sat in first place in Ice Hockey A, A Div was first in Ice Hockey B, and B Div sat atop the Water Polo league.

The competition intensified over the course of the preliminary playoff rounds (November 6th and 8th), with each game seeing periods of non-stop action. This culminated on Thursday November 15th, with all teams in action for the final night of this semester’s Intramural season. The top teams in each league battled it out for the glory of first place, while the lower ranked teams battled equally hard for the glory of ‘not last’ place. In the end, 2 Sqn came out on top in Soccer, 8 Sqn took first in Ultimate Frisbee, and 2 Sqn won the Ball Hockey title. A Div came first in Ice Hockey A, A Div took first place in Ice Hockey B, and the B Div teams were the Water Polo champions.

With this semester’s Intramural season officially over, the time has come to present awards (and their associated bragging rights!). Everyone will be celebrated with a parade on the morning of November 29, where our champions will be announced along with our Most Valuable Players, Most Sportsmanlike players, and best referees. All are welcome to attend.

As mentioned in a previous article, the welcome addition to the Intramural program (new for this season) is the state of the art facility, known to all as “The Dome”. It has allowed the majority of IM sports to be played indoors, which effectively prevents poor weather from negatively impacting the outcome of a game. This is just as well, as the weather throughout the second half of the Intramural season proved to be incredibly inconsistent. The Dome also allows games to finish at 2000 (with the exception of Ice Hockey) permitting Cadets time to hit the books after a hard fought match at the pitch, field, ice or water.

Overall, this semester’s IM season has been a great success. The CWIMO, 25763 OCdt (IV)Jason Wonchala, has done an excellent job, supported by the very capable CSSOs that are working for him this semester. Their commitment and hard work, combined with the work put in by refs and officials, has the IM program in great shape.

I look forward to seeing which Squadrons will come out on top in next semester’s edition of IMs. Best of luck to all IM participants, and congratulations to this semester’s victorious squadrons!


Note – The final results for overall Squadron success have not yet been confirmed and should be announced next week.

The Champions (click to enlarge):

Highlights from the Finals (click to enlarge):


Recreation Club Update

Article by Craig Palmer, Recreation Coordinator

As we make our way through the month of November, we are happy to report many successes from both our Recreation and Competitive Clubs from this semester.

With some new staff and a new structure, the RMC Competitive Clubs overcame a few early challenges but were able to complete a successful Fall season.

  1. The Running Club took part in a variety of local Cross-Country competitions and also travelled to Guelph, Ottawa and Clinton, NY to compete. They consistently improved their times at each meet and have now moved to the KMCSC Field House to get ready for the indoor track season.
  2. With trips to Ottawa, Peterborough and St. Catharines, the Rowing Club had a good season which wrapped up at the OUA Developmental Regatta. Some of the highlights for their season included a win for the 4+ Crew at the Brock Invitational and also an impressive performance by OCdt Jenny Allan at the same event. Now the club is moving indoors to train on Ergs and will attend an indoor competition in the coming months.
  3. The Sailing Club has shifted into their off-season after a semester that took them to competitions at USNA in Annapolis, Queen’s and McGill.
  4. Last weekend the Women’s Rugby Club competed in a 7’s tournament at York University. The club also competed in several exhibition matches throughout the season, including their annual Prom Dress game.
  5. The Taekwondo Club, who are in the middle of their season recently won as the host team for the Ontario Universities Taekwondo Competitive League (OUTCL) first event of the year and also competed in the CF Nationals in Toronto last weekend with impressive results which you can read in this week’s article from the club.
  6. The RMC Swimming Club is now in full training mode as they prepare for the start of their competitive year, with their first swim meet taking place in a few weeks in the KMCSC pool.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the Club Presidents/Captains and the coaches for their hard work this semester. Your feedback has been very helpful in the transition to the competitive club structure, and we look forward to working with all of you while we build on its success. Thank You.

From the Recreation Club side of things, they have been very active throughout the semester whether on campus or off. The Judo Club had a successful trip to Toronto to take part in the North York Tournament of Champions event and the Chess Club took part in the CF Ottawa Chess Tournament recently. Both the Skydiving Club and the SCUBA Club took part in successful dives, while the Power Flying Club hit the sky last weekend for their Fall Fly Day and the Stage Band entertained many at the Annual Christmas Concert this past Friday.

Upcoming Recreation Events:

24-24 Nov – Curling Club to enter to teams into a Bonspiel at the Garrison Golf and Curling Club here at CFB Kingston.

23-25 Nov – Expedition Club will be travelling to Gatineau Park for a camping trip

25-Nov – Water Polo Club is hosting the RMC Water Polo Invitational Tournament at KMCSC

9 Feb – Triathlon Club is hosting an Aquathlon here at KMCSC

Early Feb – The RMC Theatre Club will present their current production which is yet to be named, but will build off of the successful Shakespeare in Scarlets from last year.

It’s great to see all of the activity from our clubs so far this semester!

If anyone is interested in joining one of RMC’s Recreation Clubs please contact Craig at ext 8738 or craig.palmer@rmc.ca


Taekwondo Results

Submitted by Joel Ridley

The RMC Taekwondo competitive club attended the CF Nationals in Toronto last weekend in conjunction with the Toronto Open Taekwondo tournament.

Here are the results:

Day 1 Colour belt tournament:

2 gold, 5 silver, 3 bronze (Gold by John Attwells II, Fannie Simon I)

Day 2 CF Nationals:

Jason Song IV, Eric Deshaies Martin IV, Emilie Aumont III all CF National champions,

Martin Konakchiev I silver,

Charles Gagnon III bronze,

Jason Song and Emilie Aumont won male and female MVP respectively.

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