OCdts. On Parade

That Time of the Year When Big Changes Take Place on the Peninsula

By: WJO – Photos by Alex Zaporzan

It’s beginning to really look like summer in and around RMCC!

While some officer-cadets and other students have been enjoying a relaxing summer, away from the college – a number of those staying on the Peninsula along with high numbers of staff have been quite busy over the past couple of weeks.

Various military and civilian staffs have been seen hustling from one meeting to the other most days. Cadets are busy either doing second language training; decompression classes (Engineers taking Arts courses); or involved in formal physical training. In short it has not been all fun & games.

This is about to change.

The Yeo Hall dining facility although not as packed as in the regular school year, nevertheless, is still a busy spot.

The past seven days also saw the arrival of HMCS Ontario staff – sea cadets by the car loads were also seen arriving with nervous parents seeing them off. The In-Clearances are administered in the Old Gym – next door to the Stone Frigate.

By the time this short article is published, most of the meetings will have been completed; the landscape will be changed dramatically. Regular staff in large numbers have now started their holidays.

As I write this (Thursday) – the Sea Cadet Band in what looks like their first practise are playing music and marching on the Parade Square. For a first time, they don’t sound too bad!

The cadet staff are honing up their various areas of expertise.

Starting in a couple of days, ankle biters wearing sea cadet uniforms will be all over the Peninsula – parade square in the mornings;  in the water or under the shade in the afternoons. A beautiful sight this time of year!

The 2011 summer transition is almost complete on the Peninsula.

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