Sunset Ceremony – I Year Pretty Impressed!

By: 26946 OCdt (I) Ian Saciuk

I personally have no basis for comparison, being a new first-year cadet here at the college, but the word from the upper years here has been that the Sunset Parade this year was the best there ever was. I would gladly say that I thoroughly enjoyed the ceremony. All of us spectators witnessed things that we scarcely thought possible.

Of particular interest, was the Drum-In performed by members of the Aboriginal Leadership Opportunity Year (ALOY) and their elder, Mr. Bernard Nelson. For many of us it was our first opportunity to witness a live ceremonial drumming presentation.

The RMCC Sandhurst team made quite the impression with their show of military proficiency by climbing “the wall” in what must have been the fastest time this author has ever seen.

The Precision Drill team performed impeccably as well, wowing the audience with cat-like precision and fluid rifle movements.

We even witnessed quite the furry intruder on the parade square, as the spotlight followed a squirrel running haphazardly across the parade square.


Add to that the beautiful musical performances and the wonderful fireworks display to top it all off, and it is easy to see why the night was so spectacular, and why the rain at the end of the ceremony phased no-one.

The playing of the national anthem by the RMC band evoked a distinct sense of pride in all that were present. The sight of several hundred people saluting the Canadian flag as it descended for the night whilst accompanied by a piper’s lament only helped to add to the environment.

All that I can say is that the Sunset Ceremony was a one-of- a-kind experience, and that this Officer Cadet will be attending many more to come

More photos from the Sunset Ceremony Here.

We wish to thank the following officer cadets for their photo support for the Sunset Ceremony:

Curtis Maynard; Dan Ryan; Erik St-Gelais; and Nicolette Gignac