That Time of Year to be a Club Member and / or an e-Veritas Sponsor

Dear Friends:

Over the past 10 years e-Veritas for the most part has received much praise and attention from you, our readers.

Many of you are members of the RMC Club and / or supported us through “sponsorship”. Which we greatly appreciate!

A large number of our readers are neither members nor sponsors. That’s where we all come in.

e-Veritas is fortunate  to have several business partners and they have continued to support us right through the economic turmoil of the past few years. But we rely on you, the readers, for a certain portion of our operating budget.

Forty-five editions or more a year arriving in your inbox is substantial. If everyone subscribed at say $45 a year, our financial situation would be assured. But we can’t ask that of everyone since many of our readers are in circumstances that don’t allow it.

Every contribution helps. But we ask those of you who can afford it – including family & friends: If you are not already a member of the RMC Club – take out an annual membership – details here.

If you are already a member of the Club especially for some time – and your personal financial situation is such – please consider being a sponsor – details here.

We believe e-Veritas speaks for itself so we are not going to belabour the case. We will just ask you to please do your part – without delay.

To those who are already Club members and / or e-Veritas sponsors – THANK YOU!


Bill & Rolande Oliver

P.S. 2014 will soon come to an end. We need your help now. If you’d like to assist us – please, take out a membership or a sponsorship.

Feel free to contact us with any questions / concerns – here.

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