Photo by: J.E.Scott Howells

The Way I See It:

Rugby Takes a Historic Win on the Road to the Playoffs

By OCdt (III) Ian Douglas Ferrier, 27144

On Wednesday, October 15th, the Men’s Varsity Rugby Team began travelling to Brock University for another OUA Game. It has already been an action packed season, beginning with Rugby Camp, two weeks before the rest of the cadets arrive at The College, that prepared the team mentally and physically for the season ahead; the camp also provides the opportunity for the cadets arriving from RMCSJ to integrate into the team. During the last week of the camp, first years have their chance to tryout for the team and learn the skills and mindset that will help them both on and off the team.


As one of two managers, the other being OCdt (II) Brown, I have a unique perspective from my role which includes supporting the team through ensuring concussion tests, player profiles, kit, and video are all ready to go on time. This year we are again being led by Captain McDonaugh, and the Captains of the first and seconds teams OCdt (III) Williams and OCdt (III) Bennett respectively – they both will earn their commissions this spring.

The team arrived in St. Catherine’s late at night and went to bed in the Holiday Inn, many people needing to share beds to help save money. In the morning, practice started by watching film of Brock’s last game to break down their tactics and prepare, followed by practice on the field. Team members, many of who have sustained injuries in the past, require tape for injury prevention which is provided by our valuable team members Jen Miller and Kevin Hennessey. These two experts ensure all injuries are prevented and treated appropriately

Friday afternoon at 1500 hrs, kick off commenced, leading to a final score of RMCC 21 to Brock 12. It was a tough game, and the first victory against Brock since the rebirth of the RMCC Rugby Programme just over 10 years ago. The rock star of the game, OCdt (III) Courtney scored one try and three conversions, while our American Exchange Student from United States Airforce Academy in Colorado scored a try. One more try was scored by OCdt (IV) Hammond during the games which included hail, wind, and several hard hits.

The Team headed home and arrived in time to go out and celebrate another successful win on the road to the playoffs. Two more games in the season, RMCC Rugby needed to prepare for the game against Laurier. As manager, I had the privilege of videotaping their game against Queens on Saturday, October 17th that ended in a final score of Queens 60 and Laurier 20.

The week that followed began with breaking down video of our last game on Monday, followed by four days of practice. On the Friday, RMCC hosted a prospective student who wishes to become a pilot and a member of RMCC Rugby. As is tradition, any guest must attempt to score a conversion kick and the team bets 20 pushups on whether they make it or not; win or lose, we all do pushups.

Saturday morning began by watching the video I had filmed and then practice on the field. After kickoff against Laurier at 1500hrs, RMCC held a strong defence playing against the wind until halftime. At the beginning of the second, Laurier scored two tries but were ultimately defeated by RMCC with a final score of RMCC 14 Laurier 10, moving RMCC Rugby into the playoffs. OCdt (IV) Holdway scored one try and OCdt (III) Courtney scored another, making the two conversion kicks afterwards. One more game before playoffs, with RMCC away against the University of Toronto.