Weekly PMT – Professional Military Training

1st Year Class:

For this week’s PMT, we the First Years had our second rucksack march of the year. Once again, we did a small course around the RMCC Point, to ensure that all of our gear fitted comfortably, and that nothing was broken or would fall off. After this, we set out to do approximately 3 more kilometres around the peninsula in order to make use of the entire PMT period. For the most part, everybody enjoyed the march, as it is easy to talk with friends, or the people you’re marching with. These rucksack marches are an encouragement to increase physical fitness, as well as having the benefit of preparing us for the 13 kilometre rucksack march that we will be doing on BMOQ this upcoming summer.

Article by: 26945 OCdt Chelsea-Rose St-Amand – 7 Sqn



2nd Year Class:

This week’s PMT brief to the second years was on the Royal Military College of Canada’s exchange program. RMCC students have the opportunity of being selected to spend a semester at another military college, where they continue their education while being immersed in a different environment. The brief was hosted by LCol Beauséjour, who brought several cadets along to share their testimonials on their experiences at the military college they each attended. RMCC conducts exchanges with numerous military academies from NATO countries, including the United States, France, and Germany. This PMT overall was a good information session about the exchange program, and the amazing experiences cadets can have through this program.

Article bY: 26861 NCdt Benjamin Burnell – 2 Sqn


3rd Year Class

Senior leadership at the college was the central topic of discussion for this week’s 3rd year PMT briefing. Separated by division, Capt Brown, Capt Kilburn, Capt Hamilton and Lt(N) Lashinski briefed their respective divisions on what 4th year at RMCC holds in terms of leadership opportunities. After a quick review of the duties and responsibilities of a junior leader at the college, the presentation jumped into the importance of being a leader of leaders.

Since the 2014 fall barslate is in the process of being chosen, the presentation was particularly relevant to the 3rd year class. The floor was open for questions and discussion throughout the briefing, and the presenters were more than willing to explain and entertain any potential areas of interest. For most of the divisions the briefing lasted the full 2 hours, reinforcing the importance of the year to come.

Article by: 26257 OCdt Zachary Day – 12 Sqn


4th Year Class

RMCC’s 4th Year cadets were shown the way forward this week during Wednesday’s PMT. Training Wing Ops Captain Labonté delivered a concise and poignant presentation on the subject of career progression and merit boards. While RMCC’s finest will not deal with these topics personally for a few years, they will likely be called to help with the PDR/PER process by which their subordinates and peers are evaluated. Afterwards, CDA’s Major Munroe gave a brief on the different CAF developmental periods (DPs), explaining how each phase has its own criteria and making clear the way forward to future promotion. All in all, promotions, postings and pay-raises have become the topic of much discussion these days; certainly it’s all coming on, faster than ever!

25982 OCdt Colin Strong – 7 Sqn

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