Who am I?

*At St. Andrew’s College, where I was educated from 1926 to 1931, I coached twice a week in geometry as I needed it to get into the Royal Military College. “My coach came to my house twice a week and was paid three dollars per session and earned every penny of it as geometry was beyond my comprehension!”
*I was educated at the Royal Military College at Kingston.
*I went overseas with Lord Strathcona’s Horse regiment in November 1941.
*During the Second World War, I served as Brigade Major of the 4th Armoured Brigade throughout the whole campaign through France and Belgium to the Leopold Canal.
* I assumed command of the 28th Canadian Armoured Regiment, on 25 October 1944, and fought the regiment through every engagement from that day to the cessation of hostilities.
*I attended the Army Staff College at Camberley.
*Following the war, I served as Assistant Adjutant and Quartermaster General, 3rd Canadian Infantry Division, Canadian Army Occupation Force
*I returned to Canada in December 1945.
*After a tour of duty as General Staff Officer, Grade One, at the Canadian Army Staff College, Kingston, he was appointed Commanding Officer of Lord Strathcona’s Horse from June 194 to May 1951.
*I became Military Attaché to Turkey in 1955
*I was promoted to Brigadier General in August 1962
*I served as General Officer Commanding, Canadian Army Liaison Establishment in London, England.
* In my memoirs of my experience as Senior Military Advisor of the Canadian Delegation to the International Truce Commission in Vietnam from September 1966 to September 1967 I described a typical meeting:
“A full meeting of the Commission in the morning…. Masses of paper flowing from one side of the table to the other and the inevitable final results that adds up to virtually nothing…. Today it was the turn of the Canadians to indulge in a little…shouting and waving of arms….We continue this nonsense tomorrow afternoon! The only sensible suggestion… came to [naught]. However, it is on the record that we tried and that is what counts – or so I am told!“

a) 2307 BGen (Ret’d) Kenneth H McKibbin (RMC 1932)
b) 2272 BGen Arthur A.G. Chubb (RMC 1932)
c) 2211 Brigadier-Gene John D Christian (RMC 1931)
d) 2249 Brigadier-Gene Harry H.W. Sterne (RMC 1931)

Answer: b) 2272 BGen Arthur A.G. Chubb (RMC 1932) DSO, CD SAC 1926-1931
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