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Fort Frederick – 1860

The original Fort Frederick was built on this site in 1813. It was levelled in 1846 to make way for the present fort.

As a consequence of the Oregon border dispute, 1845, the Kingston harbour defenses were augmented. As part of this improved defense system, the present Fort Frederick was built between 1846 and 1847.

The other Kingston towers are Cedar Island Tower, Shoal Tower, Murney Tower and the two ditch towers at Fort Henry.

Within a few years the introduction of modern rifled guns (such as the Armstrong Gun), with their longer range and greater accuracy, rendered these forts obsolete.

Although obsolescent as fortifications, the towers were used as barracks. British troops lived in this tower until 1870.

Can you correctly identify the following 10 features on the attached 1860 Fort Frederick map?

5 1/2″ Howitzer; Tower; 32 Pounder Gun; Sally Port; Guardhouse; Armstrong Gun; 24 Pounder Gun; Picket Fence; Magazine; and Privy.

Answers: 1860 map of Fort Frederick:

1. Tower; 2. Guardhouse; 3. Magazine; 4. Sally Port; 5. Picket Fence; 6. Privy; 7. Armstrong Gun; 8. 32 Pounder Gun; 9. 5 1/2″ Howitzer; 10. 24 Pounder Gun. Source

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