World University Debate Championships in the Philippines

Over this holiday leave break, the RMC Debate team attended the World University Debate Championships in the Philippines. From 27 December to 4 January, the tournament was hosted and run by De La Salle University, in the capital city of Manila. There were close to 400 teams in attendance, representing schools from over seventy nations across the world. The RMC team consisted of IV NCdt David Reid (25243) and IV OCdt Nevin Hotson (25192).

For their first world tournament, the RMC team performed very well. At the conclusion of the competition, RMC was ranked 84th out of 396 teams, and ended the tournament as the 7th best Canadian team at the tournament. NCdt Reid finished the tournament placing 77th out of 792 debaters present, ranking as the third best Canadian speaker. OCdt Hotson finished ranked as the 241st speaker. The tournament also offered a wonderful opportunity for the officer cadets of RMC to interact with students and debaters from across Canada and around the world.

Overall attendance at the World University Debate Championship was an incredible opportunity for the officer cadets who were able to attend. NCdt Reid and OCdt Hotson were able to experience the wonderful and diverse culture of the Philippines and interact with debaters from across the globe. The two also successfully maintained the strong competitive and academic reputation of RMC Debate and the Royal Military College of Canada both in Canada and in the international debate community.

The RMC Debate Society would like to thank the RMC Club Foundation for its extremely generous support. Without their assistance we would not have been able to attend this competition.

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A Veteran, Regardless of Age

NS Branch Hosts a Christmas Reception


(L-R) 1) Casten McLean, Caleb Fultz, Darren McCarthy, Erik St. Gelias

2) Cathy Saulinier, Patrick Hargreaves, Nick Saulinier, Holly Smith

3) Jen & Kevin Haster, Celina Campbell, Nick Saulinier

4) Wes Corkum, Jeff Corkum, LCol Don McLeod

(L-R) 1) Colin Strong, Josh Sears, Garrett Hartley, Alex Matheson, Liam Goulet, Ben Jahncke

2) Patrick Hargreaves, Garrett Hartley, Liam Goulet

3) Richard McCarthy, Rob Gray, Bill Gard

4) Lt (N) Chris Heckman, Capt Chris Bryan

(L-R) 1) Capt Jen Hastey, Capt Chris Bryan, Lt (N) Chris Heckman, Lt (N) Kevin Hastey

2) Alex Matheson, Laura-Lee Markusson, LCdr Tim Markusson

3) Marsha Kaiser, Diane Malo, UnKown, Celine & Hilary Campbell

On Wed 28 Dec 2011, the NS Branch held a Christmas Reception at the Halifax Armouries in which Cadets , ROTP applicants and their parents as well as Branch members attended. The two hour reception gave the ROTP applicants and their parents an opportunity to meet serving cadets, and recent graduates and ask questions about college life, challenges and activities.


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