Varsity athletes have been nominated by their respective coaches for the following four major sports awards.

This coming Wenesday night (21 March) in Yeo Hall the annual varsity sport awards will be presented. The centre piece for the occasion will be four major awards. MVPs for each team and a number of other forms of  recognizing outstanding excellence in sports achievements will also be announced.

A pretty standard and objective Awards Selection Process is in effect:

-coaches nominated athletes from their respective teams, based on the awards criteria

– a selection committee, made up this year of 5 individuals (two Ath Dept staff, one OCdt, one military pers and one Ex-Cadet), reviewed the nominations and cast their votes

-the votes were then tabulated, and winners were determined based on the results of these votes.

This has pretty well been the standard operating procedure for the past 10+ years.

Kelly Gawne Memorial Cup (Female Athlete of the Year)

Instituted in 1989, in memory of 17333 Cadet KR (Kelly) Gawne who was killed as a result of a summer training accident at Chilliwack, BC in 1988.  Kelly was an active and full participant with the RMC Fencing team for two years prior to her untimely and fatal accident. The cup is awarded annually to the best all-round Lady Cadet in athletics during the current college year.

Tommy Smart Cup (Male Athlete of the Year)

The Tommy Smart Cup has been presented annually since 1927, the year after 1716 Thomas William Smart was killed in a tragic accident on the RMC football field. Smart is remembered as a man of tremendous moral and physical courage, with a cheerful attitude, a willingness to try anything, and a knack for winning friends. The Tommy Smart Cup, awarded in his memory, stands as “a symbol of involable courage and persevering endurance in athletic endeavour.”

Captain Matthew Dawe Memorial Cup (ROTP varsity athlete who excels in all aspects of college life)

The Capt. Matthew Dawe Memorial Cup salutes the outstanding male or female ROTP varsity athlete who excels in all aspects of college life. The Cup is awarded in memory of Capt. Matthew Dawe who was killed in action while in Afghanistan in 2007, and is awarded annually to an outstanding Cadet athlete, of any academic year.

HRH Prince of Wales Cup (athletic performance and excellence in the four components throughout their entire college years)

The HRH Prince of Wales Cup is perhaps the most sought after atheltic award at the College. It has been awarded annually since it was first presented to the Cadets by HRH the Prince of Wales in 1919. The Prince of Wales, impressed with the athletic and military displays staged for his benefit by the Cadets during his visit to the peninsula  in that year, presented the cup to the College “to be competed for each year, and won by the best all-round cadet.” Each individual who receives the Cup lives up to the high ideals expressed by the Prince on the occasion of his visit in 1919, and justifies the confidence he expressed in the continued strong performance of the College.


Kelly Gawne Memorial Cup (Female Athlete of the Year) – Nominees:

Katie Porter – Fencing

-Katie won a team silver medal and an individual bronze medal at the 2012 OUA Finals, and was recently selected to represent Canada at the Junior World Championships this April in Russia

Melissa McCoy – Volleyball

-Melissa was voted to the OUA 2nd All-Star Team by the league coaches, as she led the Paladins with an impressive 3.46 points per game average


Tommy Smart Cup (Male Athlete of the Year) – Nominees:

Steven Morris – Fencing

-Steven enjoyed a very successful season, which culminated with a bronze medal victory in sabre at the 2012 OUA Championships

Jhordan Dorrington – Soccer

-Jhordan became the first player in the history of the RMC men’s soccer team to be selected to the OUA All-Star Team, as he was named top keeper in the East Division

Jason Song – Taekwondo

-member of the 2011 Canadian national Universiade team that competed in Shenzhen China this past August, Jason, who is currently ranked 5th in Canada in the male lightweight division, went undefeated in university league competition this past year, going a perfect 13-0

Captain Matthew Dawe Memorial Cup (awarded annually to the outstanding male or female ROTP varsity athlete, of any year, who excels in all aspects of College life at RMC) – Nominees:

Landon Lavictoire – Men’s Hockey

-team captain was successfully able to balance the demands of his role as Cadet Wing Commander in the fall while leading the hockey team both on and off the ice

Kim Archibald – Women’s Soccer

-a young influential leader who understands what it takes to work with and lead people, Kim has been involved in numerous RMC activities outside of varsity

Thegne Rathbone – Men’s Volleyball

-Thegne was one of the vocal leaders of the men’s volleyball team, while also being involved with both the RMC rowing and swim clubs

HRH Prince of Wales Cup (athletic performance and excellence in the four components throughout their entire college years) – Nominees:

Chantal Boucher – Fencing

-in her 3 years at RMC (having done one year at CMRSJ), Chantal has excelled in the athletic component while balancing this with solid academic accomplishments, successfully meeting the language component in her 1st year, and contributing to the cadet leadership of the college

Landon Lavictoire – Men’s Hockey

-has been one of the leaders on the hockey team over the past four seasons, and his dedication to the program is no more evident than when he volunteered to play goalie in a regular season game (which RMC won) in his first year

Aaron Barry – Men’s Rugby

-the two time OUA All-Star has been team captain for the past two seasons, and held the position of Deputy Cadet Wing Commander in the fall of 2011

Kim Archibald – Women’s Soccer

-team captain has been loyal and dedicated member of the women’s soccer team the past four years, and helped establish the standards and expectations for team members

Past Recipients of These Awards

The following is a list of past recipients of the HRH Prince of Wales Cup, the Tommy Smart Cup, and the Kelly Gawne Memorial Cup:

HRH Prince of Wales Cup

1920 Cpl T.F. Ruddy

1921 CSM A.C. Price

1922 BSM C.D.T. Mundell

1923 CSM C.E.F. Jones

Read on for more.

1924 L/SGT J.E.T. Nelson; 1925 UO W.S. Hargraft; 1926 JUO W.P.C. Le Boutillier;  1927 UO K.H. Tremain

1928 CSM B.P. Francis; 1929 L/SGT C.J.S. Michel; 1930 JUO G.F. Rainnie; 1931 CSM J.L. McAvity

1932 CPL J.G. Bigelow; 1933 JUO J.S. Irvin; 1934 H.H. Peck & J.H.R. Gagnon; 1935 A.K. Wickson, J.H. Ready,& W.R. MacBrien; 1936 D.W.M. Cooper; 1937 SGT W.D. Whitaker; 1938 BSM C.H. Drury;

1939 BSM M.D. MacBrien; 1940 No award; 1941 No award;1942 Cpl’s J Martin & F.T.B. Winslow

1943 to 1951- No Competition

1952 CSL P. Kiars;

1953 CFL S.A. Lundell

1954 CFL E.A. Tromanhauser

1955 CFL E.H. Gerrard

1956 CFL P.G. Howe

1957 CSC I.K. Steuart

1958 CFL H.G.B. Hallas

1959 C.P. Carr

1960 M.B.M. Ellis

1961 R.B. Blake

1962 L.T.C. East

1963 FRN McDonnell & AT Tucker

1964 J.R.L.B. Veilleux

1965 J.L. Adams & D.R.G. Carrier

1966 R.P.W. Mason

1967 D.D. Dorman

1968 B.L. Welling

1969 K. Benoit

1970 J.J.P.M. Garneau

1971 A.W. Maddox

1972 D.R. Douglas

1973 C.C. Duimet

1974 G.L. Griffen

1975 D.W. Read

1976 J.M. Czich

1977 M. Czich

1978 No award

1979 M.D. Campbell

1980 J.P. Normand

1981 P.I. Weatherall

1982 L.E. Aitken

1983 D.J. Masters

1984 M. Vachon

1985 P. Cowie

1986 G.F. Plue

1987 C. Menzies

1988 S. Molaski

1989 G.J. Clarke

1990 A.M.R. Lopes

1991 A. Fitzgerald

1992 A. Ross

1993 P.F. Johnson

1994 C.M.C. Menard

1995 N. Birgentzen

1996 D. McNaughton

1997 C. Wicks

1998 D. Giguere

1999 E. Haevens

2000 B. Achim

2000/01 S. Bailie

2001/02 C. Desormeaux

2002/03 D. Holsworth

2003/04 M. Dawe

2004/05 M. Lafortune

2005/06 P. Leblanc

2006/07 L. West

2007/08 C. Gray

2008/09 N. St-Amant

2009/10 J. Oke

2010/11 C. Pumphrey

Tommy Smart Cup

1928 W.W.G. Darling

1929 G.F. Rainnie

1930 J.L. McAvity

1931 R.W. Armstrong

1932 S.S. Blanchard

1933 S.S. Blanchard & F.E. White

1934 H.H. Peck

1935 P.F. Birks

1936 J.G. Stephenson

1937 E.G. Brooks

1938 M.C. Sutherland Brown

1939 R.M. Dundas

1940 No Award

1941 No Award

1942 L/Cpl. A.P. Boyd

1943 to 1948- No Award

1949 R.A. White

1950 W.R. Scott

1951 W.R. Scott

1952 S.A. Lundell

1953 W.R. Scott

1954 I.R. Ballantyne

1955 P.D. Manson

1956 R.M. Burleigh

1957 D.D. Brown

1958 C.P. Carr

1959 W.V. Steiner

1960 H.A. Cunningham

1961 H.A. Cunningham

1962 J.L. Adams

1963 R.J. Lawson

1964 R.E. Savin & F.R. Sutherland

1965 J.G.W. Carswell

1966 J.G.G. Nappert & R.P.W. Mason

1967 L.W. Bentley

1968 F.K.C. King

1969 K. Benoit

1970 B.R. Wheeler

1971 W.T. Kennedy

1972 D.R. Douglas

1973 C.C. Ouimet

1974 R.C. Anderson

1975 T.D. Howard

1976 J.M. Czich

1977 D. Hall

1978 D. Toril

1979 J.R. De Rosenroll

1980 J.J. St. Pierre

1981 M.D. Fabro

1982 A.A. Scott

1983 F.J. Kaustinen

1984 M.P. Chartier

1985 T.M. Haig

1986 J.H.M. Litjens

1987 B.T. Collict

1988 J. Perry

1989 J.C. McPhail

1990 A.P. Fitzgerald

1991 M.A. Campbell

1992 B. Gillis

1993 D. Riis

1994 C.A. Austin

1995 G. Lawless

1996 D. Giguere

1997 R. Latinovich

1998 D. Giguere

1999 P. Hungler

2000 P. Hungler

00-01 K. Dulude

01-02 K. Dulude

02-03 K. Dulude

03-04 K. Dulude

04-05 J. Kim

05-06 T. McTavish

06-07 M. McLeod

07-08 Brendan Kilburn

08-09 Paul Bradley

09-10 F. Kesserwan

10-11 C. O’Rourke

Kelly Gawne Memorial Cup

1989 Sharon Donnelly

1990 L.D. McAllister

1991 J.K. Howe

1992 C. Chouinard

1993 C. Menard

1994 N.Y. Birgentzlen

1995 C. Ensing

1996 K. Baker

1997 A. Chayer

1998 R. Laakso

1999 C. Bramma

2000 C. Bramma

2001 Mylene Proulx

2001/02 Claire Bramma

2002/03 Melissa Haggart

2003/04 Sarah Spence

2004/05 M. Lafortune

2005/06 N. Jones

2006/07 J. Donofrio

2007/08 J. Donofrio

2008/09 V. Larochelle-Meilleur

2009/10 L. Gray

2010/11 L. Gray

Matt Dawe Award:

2007-08 Mathieu Lorrain – Volleyball

2008-09 Anna Dupuis – Basketball

2009-10 Ian Wookey – Volleyball

2010-11 David Bernatchez – Running

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