A Word from the President

Let me start by saying that I hope everyone had a great Canada Day long weekend.

I have had some feedback on my President’s Message in the recent issue of Veritas. Specifically, it appears that my focussing uniquely on the RMC Saint-Jean and RMCC relationship could have been perceived as a slight by a most valued demographic within the Club – RRMC graduates. That was not my intent, as Royal Roads alumni/ae are also well represented in the Club Executive. Not only is our new ED, Bryan Bailey, an RRMC alumnus, but our Second VP, Tony Goode, is a former Royal Roads Commandant. Although our focus is obviously on the two remaining Colleges, be assured that although RRMC is out of sight, it is not out of either heart or mind.


Bob Benn

President Royal Military Colleges Club of Canada

Mot du Président

Permettez-moi tout d’abord de vous dire que j’espère que chacun d’entre vous a passé une belle fin de semaine de la fête du Canada.

J’ai eu quelques retours à propos du Mot du Président paru dans la dernière édition de Veritas. Plus précisément, il semblerait que l’accent que j’ai placé sur la relation unissant le CMRSJ et le CMRC ait pu porter offense aux diplômés du RRMC, des membres fort appréciés du Club. Il n’a jamais été mon intention de porter ombrage aux Anciens de Royal Roads, qui sont très bien représentés au sein de notre Comité de direction. Non seulement notre nouveau Directeur exécutif, Bryan Bailey, est un Anciens du RRMC, mais notre second VP, Tony Goode, est un ancien commandant de Royal Roads. Bien que nous mettions l’accent sur les deux collèges encore en opération, soyez assurés que nous n’oublions pas le RRMC et que nous le portons toujours dans notre coeur.


 Bob Benn

Président du Club des Collèges militaire royaux du Canada


VERITAS – Summer 2013 edition…a little background…

By now most of our members who we have an up-to-date postal address for should have received the latest Veritas magazine – warts and all.

I am very grateful and most appreciative to a whole lot of people. Limited space, in the magazine, prevented mentioning everyone who deserved to be recognized and more importantly thanked.

The outstanding support from our volunteer translator, Serge Arpin deserves special notice – once again. It has to be mentioned that some of the translations that ended up in the final copy were not necessarily the final work of Serge. He did the vast majority of the initial translating; however, our process had a second person review and edit. As editor, I should have had steps in place to review these edits and had a consensus and approval by Serge prior to the final copy. I will certainly recommend this step to the incoming editor, Bryan Bailey.

Paul Lystiuk is extremely well organized and methodical, as well as a person with a good sense of humour. He turned out to be a perfect fit in his role as the go to guy, ensuring all details and deadlines were met.

The intent of the cover was to put the spotlight on World-Class Coach, Earle Morris – not the members of his Canadian Women’s Curling championship team. Most readers got it!

The many articles we received from various sources are very much appreciated. A big thank you to – Gerry Stowe, Susan Down, Jen Ochej, Sean Henry, Mike Shewfelt, Noelani Shore, Ted Kelly, Richard Tremblay, Marc Imbeault, and Ian Rutherford. All submitted first class pieces and were key members of our production team.

Restrictions on the size of the magazine prevented at least three articles from being published this time around. We want to thank Frank Norman, Claude Archambault and Joshua Kutryk for the class they displayed when informed that their article(s) would not be part of the Summer edition.

The high quality photos spread out through the pages came from many sources – including Richard Gray, Kai Zhao, Combat Camera staff, Mike Shewfelt, Mario Poirier, Paul Lystiuk, Noelani Shore and 12 Wing Shearwater photographers.

The team from Touchplate, led by Sylvia Barrett and Celine Parisien continues to provide highly professional editorial and design service at a level second to none. The fact that they are dealing with an editor without the usual credentials, skill and ability a magazine such as this deserves speaks very loudly of their character and competence. Even more impressive they consistently do this work in a spirit of friendliness which helped maintain the morale of the entire team.

The Chris Hadfield “BZ” page was a lot of fun to put together. A big thanks to the 230 or more people who quickly signed on with a sponsorship. Sorry that I somehow left Ted Davie off the final list.

I would be remiss for not mentioning ALL our business partners whose support will pay all the production bills; we should even have a little left over for seed money for the next issue.

In short, the Veritas magazine – Summer 2013 is what it is; we wish Bryan Bailey smooth sailing for the next edition and beyond.

Bill Oliver

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