The following is from 12570 Mike Kennedy. 

Hi Anna-Michelle:

You may be interested to know that it was exactly 45 years ago today (22 August 1976) that I first arrived at RMC. You may perhaps remember this piece, which ran several years ago in e-Veritas:

As an update, you may also be interested to know that this was the year that I reconnected with two former members of N Flight, who I had not seen or heard from since 1977. They are 12561 Rick Hodgson, who was my roommate in recruit term, and 12522 Rich Cumyn, who was John Fisher’s roommate. Rick is retired from a career as an engineer, Rich is a widely published novelist.

Like myself, neither Rick nor Rich eventually graduated. Rick withdrew at the end of first year, and Rich, who was RETP, left partway into second year. Of note is the fact that during the Recruit Boxing Tournament in the fall of 1976, they were matched up against each other as finalists for the crown. Rick won the “Best Boxer” award, and Rich won the “Most Gentlemanly Boxer” award. Both fine individuals who, under different circumstances, would both have made excellent officers.

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