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Thank you, e-Veritas team for your diligence and devotion in keeping us up to date on RMC topics and events. My interest has perked up since my young grandson and namesake arrived on campus as a recruit a few weeks ago. A keen rugger player, he had a great Labour Day Weekend!

Chris Pratt, RCNC 16


Bill: Perhaps a recent article in the Whig Standard is worthy of some ‘investigative reporting’ (not by me) and an e-Veritas article.

In 1950 (when I arrived as a recruit):

(1) there was no group-march through the Arch on arrival;

(2) after we ‘passed off the square’, a 6 to 12 week process depending on your drill / deportment / dress / etc, and could go into town on leave, we HAD to march out through the ARCH and salute as we did so.

(3) On graduation, we ‘marched off the square’ for the last time but certainly didn’t have a class march through the Arch. >>A cadet who was at the College for 4 years, therefore, was required to march through the Arch as an individual dozens to hundreds of times. In addition there were the frequent ‘church parades to town’ when cadets, grouped by denomination, ‘marched at attention’ through the Arch.

The present “old tradition, steeped in history” is therefore the result of a change or changes sometime between 1950 and the present day.

How has this custom evolved? What are the recollections of ex-cadets from the last half century?

Ron Mann

Question for RMC Ex cadets: What do you recall of your arrival and departure from the college on graduation – and other times passing through the Arch?

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