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Karen is my daughter.

I always knew that Karen was a very special young lady and I was very proud of all her accomplishments, or at least, as it now seems, those few accomplishments of which I was aware.
It has been a highly emotional week since the tragedy, and now looking back over the celebration of her life, I realise that I was only aware of a small part of what made up Karen’s life, which she certainly lived fully.

My family has been overwhelmed by the tributes that were provided in person by Karen’s colleagues, friends and acquaintances, who attended the visitations and the funeral service.
We have also read all the wonderful postings that have been added to this site, and thank you for taking the time to open up your thoughts to the rest of us.
Yesterday, Sunday, I spent about 2 hours reading through your various postings and my emotions were sent on a roller coaster ride. Some of you were able to attend the visitations and personally recounted your experiences, for which I and my family are also most grateful.
To all of you who have posted comments, I wish you to know that they are deeply appreciated, throw new light on my understanding of Karen’s daily activities and special gifts, and serve to accentuate what a full life Karen enjoyed with her colleagues, friends, acquaintances and extended family.

I would like to thank each of you personally for sharing your thoughts with us and with the world, in this way.

Once again, thank you all for the content of your postings, your thoughts and expressions of sympathy.

John Ritchie,



Thank you for your kind offer, but I do not wish to join. I do not need to receive e-Veritas.

I am grateful for my education at RMC but I served my country in the RCN and CF for 36 years and have moved on to other careers since retirement. My work and other commitments keep me fully occupied.

5524 Steele, JK.

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