Class of 1962 Enter the Old Brigade With A Splash! – One of the high-lights during Reunion Weekend is the Legacy Dinner.  At the packed house this year the 230 “black tie & evening gowns” crowd in attendance repeatedly broke out in cheers and applause in the mids of the announcements.  The Class of 1962 made a presentation of  $565.000 to the new Foundation President, 7076 J.P. Van Haastrecht and the outgoing President H3948 John Plant.  In a word!  Wow!!



Husband and wife team supports both RMCC & RMCSJ. What has to rank up there with one of the most impressive donations ever to the RMC Club Foundation by a husband and wife couple  occurred at the Legacy Dinner.

A cheque in the amount of $98, 700 to be split between Royal Military College of Canada and Royal Military College St Jean was presented by 11306 Pierre Rivard and 15414 Catherine Paquet-Rivard to outgoing Foundation president H3948 John Plant.


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Kingston & Ottawa Black Tie Dinners;

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