OCdts. On Parade

Most interesting to read the profile on 1814 Elliot Rodger who entered RMC in 1924 and graduated in 1928. I have heard the name all my life but have never actually met him. He was a classmate of my Father’s. For quite a few years there were just three left – 1800 Molson, 1801 Morres, and 1814 Rodger. I think there was a bit of friendly competition here, which Gen Rodger obviously has won! My Dad died in 1998 at age 92, and Senator Molson a few years after that in 2002 at age 95.

Keep up the good work!


5758 Mike Morres (CMR RMC 1963)

President RMC Club of Canada – 2000 to 2001

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