The following is from 8120 Bill Gard.

Some images of my ROTP Instruction letter from 1965. I remember we were sworn in on 3 Sep in the cadet gun room at RRMC. I thought you might like to see how things were in August 1965.

Bill G.

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The following is from 8408 Mike Darch. 

I found the accompanying photo while sorting through files last spring. Although I recognized my fellow classmates, it was a small class, I did not recognize all the Professors. Working with my classmates we were able to identify all the profs. I was able to date the photo as Andre Vachon had minor surgery in Spring Term and went home to recuperate which is why he missed the photo.

RMC Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Fourth Year Class Graduated 1970 Including Professors

May 1970

Left to right

Front Row:

Capt Andrew Nellestyn, 8468 Bill Simmons, 8237 Bill Brewer, 8264 Norm Doré, 8484 Rick Bowers, 8320 Denis Mailhot, 8384 Les Bennett, 8438 Gary Manchester, Dr Cook

Second Row:

Capt Jakubow, 8425 George Horsfall, 8335 Claude Naud, 8408 Mike Darch, 8339 Bob Novitsky, 8488 Mike Chreptyk, 8217 Jean Paul Beaulieu, Tom Broadhurst

Third Row:

8404 Georges Comeau, Dr Ron Mann, Dr Stan Naldrett, Capt Ron Weir, Dr Kerrer, Capt Len Morrow, 8324 Paul Matteau


8372 Andre Vachon

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