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Cadet Earns Meeting Duke of Edinburgh

25738 Ocdt Lance Bearss (RMC 2013) is pictured next to his brother, Brock; two among 120 Canadians to receive the Duke of Edinburgh Award at the gold standard. On the 5th of July, 2010, Prince Philip presented their certificates of achievement. The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award was founded in 1956 by His Royal Highness, The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh K.G. K.T. It is an exciting self-development programme available to all young people, equipping them with life skills to make a difference to themselves, their community and their country. Focusing on community service, physical fitness, skills development, adventure and international citizenship, Ocdt Bearss committed 3 years to this programme. The challenge goes out to anyone under 25 years of age and will be a personal accomplishment, worthy of your perseverance and who knows, you may even meet a member of the Royal family.


Pictured above: Kingston Branch, past president 4459 Ed Murray  with Guest Speaker for the July Kingston Branch monthly luncheon – 16656 LCol Scott Clancy and 5207 Andrew Robb, Kingston Branch Secretary.

Kingston Branch Attracts Young Blood and Great Speakers!

By: 24712 Brent Fisher (RMC 2010)

Recently (7 July)  I had the pleasure of attending the RMC Club Kingston Branch luncheon at the Senior Staff Mess. Although I had been invited once before as a guest from the Cadet Wing, this was my first opportunity to attend a branch event since my commissioning in May.

Both the cocktail and dining portion of the event allowed me to meet several ex-cadets who had careers in a variety of military and civilian professions. Our conversations enabled me to share some of my recent experiences at RMCC, since many were interested to learn of some of the changes that have taken place over the past four years.

The highlight of the afternoon was an animated presentation by LCol Scott Clancy, COS 1 Wing HQ , Kingston. He delivered a passionate description of the relief work conducted in Haiti this past winter while emphasizing the role of helicopters within the operation. I found his speech particularly fascinating since I had been previously briefed on CF involvement from the perspective of the Navy last spring.

I have realized that the branch’s luncheons are a great way for ex-cadets in the Kingston area to maintain the ties that were forged many years ago. The meal also provides a great opportunity for recent graduates such as myself to engage many of our alumni in a relaxed setting. The fact that I learned a great deal on a successful CF operation is an added bonus.

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