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Chemical, Biological, Radiation, Nuclear (CBRN) Respiratory Fit-Testing Program

The Royal Military College of Canada is the project lead on the Chemical, Biological, Radiation, Nuclear (CBRN) Respiratory Fit-Testing Program Development. Serious deficiencies in respiratory protection programs (RPPs) for specific application to CBRN response would prevent an individual responder from obtaining adequate protection on the scene of a CBRN event. These include problems with integration of the respirator into other elements of the protective ensemble, performance deficiencies, an inability to demonstrate the very high protection factors necessary for CBRN response, and concerns pertaining to the protective status of equipment when donned at the time of an incident. The technical team consistins of experts from Defence and Security Research Institute at the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC), including Dr. Eva F. Gudgin Dickson, Dr. Paul Bodurtha and Amber Gosselin. The technical team will develop the procedures and transfer the information to RCMP and He alth Canada response teams so that the capability can be demonstrated within their organizations. by The project close-out is at the end of 2010.  Source


2010 Varsity Program Review

For those who missed the announcement last week – Go Here


New Walking Out Dress Policy

Cadets returning for II term are in for a drastic change in the “Walking Out Dress Policy”. We hope to have an article next week from the cadet perspective.  The article will likely include but not restricted to:

The old civilian dress standards;

The aim/intent of the new walking out dress policy ( improve lapsed officer dress code, represent RMC and CF during activities/occasions when not in uniform, create a civilian dress standard by year group, etc);

Some details of the new standards by year group (1st yr, 2nd yr, 3rd yr and 4th yr);

How the new standard was developed (committee comprised of Cadet and Mil Wing Reps); and

How this will be enforced (Cadet Leadership).


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