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Bill Lewis, 13134, Class of 1981 and presently the Director of AMS and the CO of the PG and Military Faculty is also this year’s District Deputy Grand Master for Prince Edward District of the Masonic Fraternity.

Ontario is divided up into 44 Districts, each with an annually elected District Deputy Grand Master. In addition to his duties in Prince Edward District, Right Worshipful Brother Bill Lewis has also led a committee that was looking into the possibility of establishing a lodge in Afghanistan for the Masons in the CF that were serving there. After 5 years of work, a Lodge of Discussion operating under the Charter of Trent Lodge held its first meeting on 4 March 2010, and will be having meetings on the First and Third Thursdays of each month in KAF.

Perhaps also of interest is that General Sir Arthur Currie, a name very familiar to RMC Cadets, was also District Deputy Grand Master, in 1905 in Victoria District. During the First World War, many servicemen were Freemasons, and attended many lodges in England and France. Of note, one memorable meeting of Canada Lodge during the war took place on April 23, 1918 when 3 notable Brethren were present, R.W. Bro. Sir Arthur W. Currie, K.C.B., K.C.M.G, Corps Commander, Canadian Expeditionary Force, W. Bro. Sir Richard Turner, V.C., K.G.B., K.C.M.G, D.S.O., Commander, II Division, C.E.F., and W. Bro. Sir David Watson, K.C.B., C.M.G., Commander, IV Division, C.E.F



4586 Professor Richard (Robin) A. L. Carter (RRMC, RMC 1959) I am a Professor Emeritus at the University of Western Ontario and an Adjunct Professor at the University of Calgary. After graduating from Royal Roads and Royal Military College with a B.A. (Economics), I joined Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry and served in the 2nd Bn and Regt Depot. I qualified as a parachutist (18 jumps) and a US Army Ranger.

While I was with the Patricias I took an evening course in statistics at the University of Alberta. My success in that course persuaded me to seek a career in inference instead of in infantry, so I entered Queen’s University after leaving the army. During my stay at Queen’s I studied under Prof, T.M. Brown who served in the RCAF from 1941 to 1945 and had been a faculty member at RMC from 1959 to 1962. Prof Brown was interested in the econometrics of simultaneous equations models and I wrote a PhD thesis under his supervision which was concerned with the properties of classical estimators for these models.



My first faculty appointment was at the University of Victoria. Shortly after Prof. Brown moved from Queen’s to the University of Western Ontario I joined him there; first as a research associate then as a regular faculty member. Aside from leaves spent at: Universitat Mannheim (1978-9), University of Cambridge (1981-2), University of Iowa (1988-9) and University of Chicago (1995-6), the rest of my career was spent at Western. Over time my research interests shifted from simultaneous equation econometrics towards several new areas. In the area of econometric theory I have worked on shrinkage estimation in linear regression models and on nonparametric methods. I have also done applied econometrics in the areas of economics and law and the economics of health care. During the last few years I have become convinced that Bayesian methods are better tools for inference in economics than classical methods so my research has been in the area of Bayesian econometrics.

The photo of me with the helmet on was taken on the summit of North Howser Tower in Bugaboo Provincial Park, British Columbia. My sour expression is due to my realization that we would be hit by a thunder storm in only a few minutes. We descended safely and lived to gain many more summits and take many more photos. The other photo is of me receiving a black belt in Aikido last year.


14591 Mr. André Mech (RRMC 1984) is a Projects Executive, Global Gold Standanrd Emission Gredits. He has been working in the emissions reduction sector since 2001. He was in the first cohort of 20 individuals formally trained and examined to International Standards Organization criteria in the planning, validation and verification of greenhouse gas projects. André has written more than 48 greenhouse gas plans and conducted hundreds of investigations for numerous corporations and organizations in the emissions reduction management sector. André works closely with formal Greenhouse Gas authorities and has been consulted by corporations, governments and NGOs as they address the issues surrounding the rapidly developing emissions reduction market sector.

André Mech has generated hundreds of thousands of tonnes of third party Validated and Verified emission reductions. He is involved with numerous projects currently at earlier stages of implementation in some of the under addressed emissions reduction sectors. André regularly speaks on the closely related subject of financially responsible environmentalism to Government Committees, Conferences, Professional Associations and Schools. André firmly believes and has routinely demonstrated, that “environmentalism is not only cost effective, catering to common sensibilities, but that it is an under addressed profit centre for most organizations.” André Mech holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree from the Royal Military College and a Masters of Business Administration from the Richard Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario. André is named as the inventor or co-inventor on three patents. *




17435 Dr. Michael Brydon (RRMC RMC 1990) is an Associate Professor at Simon Fraser University in the Faculty of Business Administration. His twin research interests in technology and applied decision making are a natural result of his M.Eng., B. Eng. (Royal Military College of Canada) and a PhD in Commerce (UBC). His research straddles the disciplinary boundaries of computer science, economics and decision theory and examines the potential uses of information technology to support decision-making in complex, uncertain environments. His research has involved a number of firms including Alcan, DuPont, Avcorp, and VanCity and has been funded by both the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council. Michael’s interests outside of work have gradually been reduced to just one, however: parenting.

He and his wife Stephanie enjoying raising their three young children and spending free time at the ice rink, soccer field, and dance studio. http://business.sfu.ca/profiles/MichaelBrydon



15508 Dr. Michael Fowler (RMC 1986, MASc – Queens 1988, PhD – RMC 2003) is an Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Waterloo. His research interests include: fuel cell design, fuel cell reliability and failure modes, accelerated testing, hydrogen production and distribution, greener energy system, and life cycle analysis.


Dr. Fowler is active with both the University of Waterloo Alternative Fuel Team building plug-in hybrid vehicles with both battery packs and hydrogen fuel cells on board the vehicle; as well as H2U Student Team which has won international design competitions for green energy system designs. He and his wife Helen spend much of their time as chauffeur two teen age daughters mfowler@uwaterloo.ca.

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