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Researched by Victoria Edwards

  • Born at Toronto, Ontario on 17 November 1881, son of Sir Edmund B. Osler, a Canadian Banker and politician and Annie F. Osler.
  • The Oslers lived in Toronto at Craigleigh. The family donated the estate to the City of Toronto after Osler’s death; it is today the site of Craigleigh Gardens.
  • He was educated at Trinity College School (Port Hope).
  • He was educated at the Royal Military College at Kingston, where the Osler family name appears frequently on the rolls.
  • He came to Winnipeg in April 1903, and was connected with the investment firm of Osler, Hammond & Nanton for the rest of his life.
  • He was also president of the Manitoba Cartage Company and the Calgary and Edmonton Land Corporation Limited.
  • He was a director of the Great-West Life Assurance Company, North Star Oil Limited, Calgary and Edmonton Land Company, and the Winnipeg Better Business Bureau.
  • In 1939, he was appointed a member of the Canadian committee of the Hudson’s Bay Company.
  • On 20 November 1907 he married Kathleen Hardy of Kingston, Ontario. They had five sons:
  • After his wife’s death, he married Embree McBride of Winnipeg, in 1931.
  • He was a member of the Manitoba Club, York Club (Toronto), St. Charles Country Club, Winnipeg Winter Club, Lakewood Country Club, and Pine Ridge Golf Club.
  • He joined the Canadian Expeditionary Force and went overseas with 43rd Battalion (Canadian Highlanders) in 1915, serving in England and France until the Armistice.
  • He was Major of the 2nd Command 79th Regiment; 2nd in Command,43rd Battalion (Canadian Expeditionary Force, Cameron Highlanders of Canada) December 1914 to July 1916; in command 174th Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force (Cameron Highlanders of Canada) August 1916 to April 1917; command 1st Depot Manitoba Regiment, September 1917.
  • His home at 485 Wellington Crescent in Winnipeg was designed by architect Herbert B. Rugh.
  • After World War One, he and his wife moved to a larger home at 221 Roslyn Road, previously owned by John Galt.
  • He died at his Winnipeg home on 8 December 1943.

a) Hugh Farquharson Osler

b) Stratton Henry Osler

c) Edmund Boyd Osler

d) Phillip Osler

e) Britton Osler

f) Glyn Osler

Answer: a) Hugh Farquharson Osler. His five sons were: 1990 W. E. Osler (RMC 1927), John H. Osler, E. B. Osler, Gordon P. Osler, and Allan Osler.


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