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Who is he?

Researched by 25436 Matt Telfser

Before Military College

  • – December 7th, 1941- another old salt responded to the cry of the wind and the sea, with a sea shanty on his lips, born in Halifax.
  • -moved to Chester, NS in ’52
  • -attended Chester High School
  • -attended Acadia University
  • -heard the call to sea and joined the RCN as a naval cadet

While at Military College

  • -Went to RRMC, and spent 2 years pursuing sailing, swimming, and academics
  • -Spent the final 2 years at RMC as an electrical engineer.
  • -Was a member of EIC an IRE
  • -cadet chairman of the sailing club
  • -played on the rep water polo team
  • -in his senior year, he held the appointment of CSC

After RMC

  • -Married his wife Pat
  • -spent 37 years in the Navy
  • -retired and returned to Nova Scotia
  • -enjoys bowling, bridge, singing, and webmastering for the class of ’62 website.
  • -spends half his time at his cottage with “boats, boats, and more boats,” 6 of them to be exact.
  • -5 grand children whom he adores to play with.

Who he is?

a) 5540 Gary William Brown

b) 5605 Murray Smith

c)5564 Norman Hass

d) 5601 Robert Anderson Rutherford


5601 – Robert Anderson Rutherford (RRMC RMC 1962)

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