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Royal Military College outgoing Women’s Basketball Coach, Brad Schur (Photo credit- Matt Telfser)

(W) Basketball Coach off to NDHQ


21295 Brad Schur (RMC 1998), women’s basketball coach at RMC for the past eight seasons recently announced – that he will be leaving this coaching position effective in the next couple of weeks.  Brad  has re-enrolled into the Canadian Forces and is headed for a Logistics (Air) position at NDHQ around the middle of June. His wife, 20994 Nicole (McNutt-Holland) Schur (RMC 1998), – has also re-enrolled in the Regular Force. Nicole has been a Squadron Commander at the college the past couple of years filling a Reserve Force position.

Brad has been fully involved in the introduction and development of women’s basketball at RMC since the team’s inception in 2002.  He has been a tireless worker both on the court and in the attracting of student-athletes. Recognized as a tough task-master – he put everything possible into making the (w) basketball team if not competitive at least respectable.  He accomplished that feat!

He leaves his successor a ray of hope. The team is expected to have at least six returning players and five highly touted recruits have been given offers to attend RMC in September. They are still in the system and are expected to “march through the Memorial Arch”.

For a varsity team to be successful, it requires: 1) talent; 2) leadership; 3 mental toughness; 4) discipline and 5) commitment. Every season, the Brad Schur coached teams had four of the five.

Speaking from the vantage point of both a grandfather and a father, if one of mine were to be interested in playing varsity level sports at RMC, Brad Schur, would be the person that I would trust to develop and mould into a well rounded future officer.

Schur is an RMC graduate.  He played for the (m) basketball team from 1994-1998. He also served as an assistant coach with the (m) team from 1998-2002 where he was highly instrumental in helping them achieve a fair level of success. He guided many of the key players from the Craig Norman coached teams from that era, through the early difficult years at RMC. Many of his former players (men & women) have been or are currently engaged in operation commitments around the world. Their commitment is a reminder that over time the significance of the wins and losses melts away leaving behind only the people that the experience has helped to shape.

The search for his replacement will begin immediately. It will be interesting to see who applies. Coaching any sport at RMC at the varsity level is a challenge – to say the least. Who ever is hired, we can only hope that she / he can bring the same high level of commitment and love of RMC that was the trademark of Brad Schur.

Rolande and I wish him and Nicole the very best for the future.

20994 Nicole (McNutt-Holland) Schur (RMC 1998) and husband 21295 Brad Schur (RMC 1998) will both be heading to NDHQ in the next month or so.  Both have contributed a great deal to the college over the past number of years and will be missed by many.

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