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Margin of Excellence Support Provided the Difference!

By: OCdt (III) Tom Neilson

On the 8th of September at the 2 CMBG Ironman competition at CFB Petawawa RMC once again proved that the margin of excellence is still very much alive. A team of 20 cadets blindsided the opposition at the Petawawa Ironman. No member of the team had ever participated in a military ironman prior to this event making this effectively a ‘green’ team. The team began selection and training back in March of last year. This lead up to a summer of intense training and a mini-competition on August 29th, eight days before the competition, designed to make the final cut for Petawawa. Twenty cadets achieved the standard and made the 2011 RMC Ironman team.

On the 6th of September they headed up to Petawawa ready to compete. The grueling course was comprised of a 30.2km ruck run, a 5.8km canoe portage, 8km canoeing down the Ottawa river, and a mad 6km dash to the finish line. In an incredible show of fitness, endurance and determination, RMC cadets placed 1st in both the male and female categories as well as claimed 9 of the top 20 finishing positions on the first of two days of competition. The commander of 2CMBG was so impressed by the grit and determination of the top finishers (OCdt. Neppel and Volodarets) that he presented them both with his coin. Despite the 0200 reveille and the 0400 start, the team’s morale stayed high and the team threw down the times to beat.

Team Captain, OCdt Neppel, exhausted but content with his astonishingly fast run (officially second place overall with 5:40:35), already has his sights set on next year. Within minutes of crossing the line, he was discussing training for next year’s competition, and expressing his desire to see RMC field a team able to compete in the minor unit category; “all we need is a senior NCO and an officer to run it with us and we can be officially ranked with the rest of the minor unit teams running.”

This was a unique eye opening experience for every member of the team, competing with those they hope to one day serve. All involved were satisfied with their accomplishments, and eagerly await next year’s competition.

The team expresses the great support provided by the RMC Foundation.


Fun in the Sun:  RMC Fall 2011 Sports Day

By: 25752 OCdt (III) Christopher Lane
Photos by: 26173 OCdt (II) Emily Morgan

Mother Nature could not have come up with better weather for the Fall 2011 Sports Day on Saturday, as the cadets flooded onto the roads, fields and barbeque tents in RMC’s first large recreational event of the academic year.

The day started at 0815 with the Wing form up, as cadets got some words of motivation from the DCdts before competing in the annual Harrier Race.  The route was five kilometers long, and ran around the point, up the hill to Fort Henry, through the grassed cross country track, all leading to the final sprint around Fort Frederick and onto the parade square.  The lady and gentlemen cadets (plus the pirate, tiger and moose mascots that tagged along for the ride) all showed great drive.  In the RMC Men category, 25467 OCdt Richard Hayes led the way for 13 Squadron, followed by 26359 OCdt Paul Goff and 25509 OCdt Andreas Schabetsberger for 2 Squadron.  For the ladies, it was 25390 OCdt Isabelle Allain breaking the tape first for 7 Squadron, followed by 25817 OCdt Yana Volodarets and 25594 OCdt Marina Lowthian for 10 and 1.  Overall, 2 Squadron took home the squadron race trophy, with 10 and 1 Squadron wrapping up the top three.

With the Harrier wrapped up, order gave way to chaos as cadets stormed the Navy Bay fields for the tabloid events.  With some impressive scores and great teamwork, 2 Squadron continued to show their prowess in the tabloids, accumulating the best overall score.

After a break and a burger (and maybe an extra hot dog and pudding on the side), the cadets split off to their chosen sports for the remainder of the afternoon.  8 Squadron ruled the flag football field, as they eliminated 4 Squadron in the finals to claim the title.  In the maze game, it all came down to an intense double-overtime showdown between 1 and 11 Squadron, with the Stone Frigate just edging out 11 for the gold.  And on the Rugby Field in the Tug of War, Otter Squadron managed to edge out 1 Sqn (despite heavy cadet support for the Boat) for yet another Tug of War victory.  Wrapping up the day was the Chain of Command Relay Race, in which RMC’s barslate did their best Usain Bolt impressions across the rugby fields.  A Division reigned supreme today, as 2, 3 and 1 Squadron came first, second and third respectively.

When all was said and done, the Wing was rounded up for the final results and the overall winners.  2 Squadron continued to show their domination of Sports day, pulling in the overall gold.  1 and 3 Squadron wrapped up the top three, with 8 and 13 Squadron finishing fourth and fifth.

A big thanks goes out to the Rec and IMs staff for putting on another great sports day, and also to the cadets who, as always, made the day a blast to participate in.


Harrier Race

By: 25892 OCdt (III) Meghan Thompson
Photos by:
25477 OCdt (III) Patrick Daunt

At the start of Sports Day every year, the members of the Wing participated in a five-kilometre long, timed, individual running event—and this year was no different. With Sports Day being a day not only to show squadron pride, but also to compete against each other, the pressure was on for individuals to perform well. The top 25 scores from each squadron would be combined in order to determine the fastest squadron of the day, with points awarded that would count towards each squadron’s overall score for Sports Day. The race was scheduled to begin after a speech by the DCdts, just after 08h00, following which the runners chosen by each squadron to run as “rabbits” moved to the front of the pack. With the firing of the cap gun the race was on, and those running the filed over the start line to initialize their timers and begin the 5km race.

Running as singles, partners, or even larger groups, the route of the race was flooded by a mass of intermixed squadron colours, flags, and mascots. Whether in full costumes, face paint, or just squadron T-shirts, the Wing crowded the route in a parade of colour as each of them followed the path from the parade square, up part of Fort Henry, and back down to the Point before arriving at the finish line on the parade square.  Upon completion of the race, everyone was waiting for the scores to be tabulated and the results disclosed.

The awards ceremony for the Harrier Race occurred just prior to the start of lunch, after the completion of the Tabloid event. The top runners for the event were announced, three males and three females, and they were presented medals in front of the college by the Birchell Pavilion.

As well as being the first chance the squadrons have had to participate in an event with their new first years, the Harrier Race also served to get the entire college warmed up for the rest of the many Sports Day competitions.

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