Ed Note: For long time readers, for at least the past three years will recognize 3069 Bill McColl. For these  past three years, we have reproduced the diary he faithfully kept through – (I), (II), (III) Years at RMC.

The last time we heard from Bill, he was finishing III Year and was off to Germany to spend summer training with the Canadian Army.

We now pick-up when he was returning to the college to start (IV Year).  It is our intention to provide weekly updates from his diary leading up to graduation 1953.

19 Sep 52

It was very early this morning when I left the Falls by train. A blind man sat beside me from St. Catherine’s to Toronto and we had a very interesting conversation – he was a placement officer for the Institute for the Blind. In Toronto I phoned up Fran and we talked for about ½ hour until train time. She plans on going to D.C.E. next year. Once on the train the time went quickly – meeting all the gang again and talking about our summer training. A lot of the air force boys got to [illegible word] during the summer and several of the lads were in England for the entire summer. At the Kingston Station we were met by Fred Ross looking very sharp in his new gold braid + red sash. Back at the College again I find that I’m a C.F.L., with the job of Sqn Training Officer. It appears that it’s just a different name for Sqn. Sgt. Major. Pete Chisholm is CSL, Pickering 2 IC, Tetreault is Adj., Big John is Sports Offr., and McCrimmon, Joyce and McMillan are the C.F.L.’s. The recruits look like a good bunch but most of them seem to be terribly stiff & awkward. Donny is with the rugby team which is away in Guelph.

21 Sep 52

Our first church parade! It went off fairly well for our first parade. Luckily Mr. Coggins told us the procedure for right dress for none of us knew it. Fritz, M.O.G. Thompson, Jim Scott are my confreres in the other squadrons. Currie Hall is just packed now for church parade. Word came that we lost to Guelph 14-5. That is a lot better than last year’s defeat of 21-0. We also have a much better schedule to play this year, having two games with McGill & Queen’s. Donny came over tonight to collect the little cakes which Mother sent. I’m getting a terrific bang out of having him here and the fellows tell me he’s doing swell. Big John says he should make the Varsity team.

22 Sep 52

Classes started today and Ernie Meyers gave us an assignment right off the bat. We have a new man for Eco 42 and he doesn’t seem to be any ball of fire. Also there is a new drill Sgt. Who has a terrible swayed back and dresses like a tramp – Coggins just ignores him out on the square and he stands around just looking. The RCR’s really unloaded a dilly on us. We have our class well organized this year and Pete Price has been elected president. I forgot to record that Tony Hampson is CWC and doing a very fine job. Dave McPherson, Bill Law and Johnny Hudson are the CSL’s; Hugh Franklin the Wing T.O., Pat Conrad, the Adj.

 23 Sep 52

I laid my first three charges of the year against three recruits. One of them has made out 5 sets of charge sheets and the last two still had to be ripped up. His name is Lauriault and I don’t think he quite understands what he is writing.

Big John had an accident with his back this summer and has a big cast around his chest which makes him look even bigger than ever. Kory, who was in Tokyo for a week, has Hotai, the Laughing Bird, sitting on his desk – very appropriate for Kory. Visited the Rev. and found him in the sack! I’m living in room 224, Don McKinnon’s old room in the Frigate. It’s very nice to have the two windows and this is my first time on the square side.

24 Sep 52

We had our first wing drill parade to prepare for the opening ceremonies on 4 Oct. The Gov. General will be taking the salute. Afterward we did a little flight drill and there was chaos when Freddy Joyce gave the recruit flight an about turn on the march. They haven’t learned that yet and so it was pretty bloody. Willy Hough, Dave Winter & Don McKinnon walked in on me tonight and told me all about the times they’re having over at Queen’s. Nine of the last year’s seniors are living in one house and we can expect to have some good parties over there.xxxx

27 Sep 52

After a particularly gruelling period of P.T. and two rather long dull periods, Jim Graham, Jim Burry, Ken McMillan + I set off for Toronto on our first weekend as seniors. Jim Has a ’36 Chrysler in pretty fair shape and we got to Toronto at about 1745 hrs. I phoned Pete Neel and he invites me to a wiener roast that his fraternity was holding that night. Got Fran + away we went – had a lot of fun although I don’t go much for dancing to insipid music in a small crowded room such as “Nu Sigma NU” has. Well back at 4 H.T. we talked on until late before hitting the sack. Spent a lazy morning with Bob + Sue, saw their new apartment and went down to Riverdale Zoo while out for a drive. Back to Graham’s and then back to the College with only slight inconvenience of a blowout, getting in at 0200 Mon.


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