Can our Alumni help identify this item from a West Point Grad in 1966?

Alumni can you help identify this item for 15747 Tony Connolly?

On D-Day 6 June anniversary – Article on Richard Rohmer (98) -Zoomer Magazine

At 98, one of the most decorated living Canadians is long past the military’s retirement age of 60, but he still has occasion to don his fancy rig as the Honorary Lieutenant-General of the Canadian Armed Forces. “Even though it’s ceremonial, it’s a role I cherish,” he says. “Not bad for an air force officer.”

Finally – A Gathering of Class 66

Fate has not been kind to the attempts of the Class of 66 to have a reunion. Early In 2020 when planning for our class reunion for the following year had started, COVID came along.  We believed the health sages who said that COVID would be short lived but this was not to be.

RMC Cadets take a trip down RCAF memory lane

At RMC, it is rare for Air Force cadets to get such a great opportunity to get to learn about the RCAF’s history and heritage. The cadets on the trip enjoyed this short excursion and its focus on local RCAF history; they were and are very appreciative of the opportunity. The RMC Aviation Club intends to conduct similar trips in the upcoming year, and is also planning on offering a longer and more thorough air power history trip in the future. Trips such as these are a small but very effective way to teach cadets about the RCAF by looking back at its history so that they may always remember their heritage and better understand the unique challenges facing RCAF leaders of all ranks.

Alumni in the News

Alumni in the News

Summer Break 

Summer Break Notice

Branch News and Upcoming events

Branch News and Upcoming Events


Be thou at peace

Registration now open for the 23rd Annual Legacy Dinner

XXIII Legacy Dinner Thursday 15 September 2022

Class of 1962 Supports Club de vélo du CMR Saint-Jean – RMC Saint-Jean Bike Club

Au cours de l’année académique 2022-2023, le club de vélo prévoit plusieurs activités, tel que : une ou des sortie(s) à Bromont pour pratiquer la descente de vélo de montagne, une sortie au Groupe Plein Air Terrebonne (GPAT) et/ou une sortie aux pistes de crosscountry de Chambly pour aiguiser les compétences des membres sur les parcours techniques, la tenue de séances de formation pour l’entretien des vélos et des sorties sporadiques en groupe sur la Route verte le long de la rivière Richelieu.

Roads Memories – Mutiny on Mount Benson

Our group would consist entirely of first year UTPM cadets and, as luck would have it, we were the last group to trek up the mountain late in the afternoon. Now some of the guys were immediately suspicious that what we were being given wasn’t really a bomb, as it looked more like a “ten“ foot log. However, Mike Guerrard and Rick Touchett rightly pointed out that it had to be a bomb as it was clearly marked in both official languages. “The Bomb” on one side and “Le Bomb” on the other side.

Message to the Class of 2022 from the President & Chairperson of the RMC Alumni Association

It is almost 35 years to the day since I graduated from the Royal Military College. Despite the passage of time, we have a shared experience. As the graduating class of 2022, your prep year in Saint Jean or first year in Kingston started out as any other; preparing for the obstacle course, meeting new friends, learning of the deep military history and traditions of the Colleges, learning to march on parade and so on.