RMC Trailblazers: A Conversation with France Hébert about How Life at RMC Prepared Her to Lead in Industry

“In my day, you entered in the service and military college, and it was about integration into the Canadian Armed Forces, into your unit. And now it’s very much about inclusion. It really sets a different tone in the service and at military college that is positive… RMC has created so many great leaders in the Canadian Armed Forces and in our country, and when I look at the young people that are coming out of RMC now, it will continue to do so.”

RMC Trailblazers: A Conversation with Marc Garneau Who has Blazed Trails on Land, at Sea, and in Space

The Trailblazer Podcast celebrates the accomplishments and milestones of notable alumni of Canada’s Royal Military Colleges and provides a platform for them to share their stories and contribute to building future leaders for Canada and the world. Earlier this year, we sat down with Marc Garneau who graduated from RMC in 1970. Garneau is, as…

Canadian Military Colleges Trailblazers: A Conversation with 14390 Kate Armstrong, RMC’s First Woman Cadet

“RMC is Canada’s federal leadership institution. Anywhere you go in this country, you don’t have to delve too deeply — whether it be into the hierarchy of a corporation, or the people that you see on the news, or things happening — to find an RMC Cadet. There are RMC graduates that have a huge impact in in our culture and in the leadership of Canada. So, if we can get it right at RMC we can actually effect change in our culture. But the caveat is that change has to be desired — the Colleges really need to embrace it… it would be incredible to create leaders that value all people for the gifts they bring to the table.”