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On December 17 the Canadian Army Commander Lieutenant-General Jocelyn Paul announced the Canadian Army Reserve Commanding Officer and Regimental Sergeant Major appointments for the 2024 active posting season (APS).

As listed in CANFORGEN 194/23 “the following reserve members will be appointed under the authority of their respective Canadian Army Division Commanders (read in three columns: unit, position, name).”

Commanding Officer Active Posting Season 2024

5 Canadian Division:

  • PEIR, CO, Maj C.Y. Michaud (on promotion)
  • 36 CER, CO, LCOL J.E. Hayward
  • R NB REGT, CO, Maj M.R. Cote (on promotion)
  • 6 CCSB IATF, CO, Maj A.B. GAULT (on promotion)

2 Canadian Division:

  • CGG, CO, LCol A.J.J. Dionne
  • 62 FD REGT, CO, LCol J.A.S. Gagne

4 Canadian Division:

  • RHF OF C, CO, Maj  J.A. Robinson (on promotion)
  • 31 SVC BN, CO, LCol D.E. Meehan
  • 56 FD REGT, CO, Maj D.B. Vreugdenhil (on promotion)
  • 32 CER, CO, Maj  I.K. Chen (on promotion)
  • 48 HIGHRS, CO, Maj T.D. Wentzell (on promotion)
  • TOR SCOT R, CO, Maj A.M. Lockhart (on promotion)
  • TG SD AND G HIGHRS AND CH OF O, CO, Maj R.P. Hendy (on promotion)
  • 2 INT COY, CO, Capt. A.H.K. Wong (on promotion)

3 Canadian Division:

  • LAKE SUP SCOT R, CO, Maj J.G. Davis (on promotion)
  • CAMERONS OF C, CO, LCol M.A. Singleton
  • 39 SIG REGT, CO, Maj D.V. Ferg (on promotion)
  • BCR, CO, Maj A.J. Brown (on promotion)
  • C SCOT R, CO, Maj S.G.J. Lerch (on promotion)
  • 4 CRPG, CO, LCol V.R. Couturier

Regimental Sergeant Major Appointments APS 2024

5 Canadian Division

  • PEIR, RSM, MWO J.P.A. Cantin (on promotion)
  • PLF, RSM, MWO R.G.A. Fox (on promotion)
  • 8 CH, RSM, MWO J.J. Harding (on promotion)
  • 37 SIG REGT, RSM, MWO M.S. Mahar (on promotion)
  • R NB REGT, RSM, MWO S.A. Daigle (on promotion)
  • NS (NB) R, RSM, MWO K.R. Trites (on promotion).

2 Canadian Division

  • RCH, RSM, MWO A.G. Cyr (on promotion)
  • 34 SIG REGT, RSM, CWO J.A.S. Marcotte
  • FUS MR, RSM, MWO F.J. Manny (on promotion)
  • R DE MAIS, RSM, CWO J.S.G. Proulx
  • 6 FD REGT, RSM, MWO S. Cloutier (on promotion)
  • FUS DU ST-L, RSM, MWO S.G. Boucher (on promotion)
  • FUS DE SHER, RSM, MWO J.G.M. Dube (on promotion).

4 Canadian Division

  • 31 SIG REGT, RSM, MWO D.R. Fulton (on promotion)
  • 4 RCR, RSM, MWO C.J.M. Murdy (on promotion)
  • QY RANG, RSM, MWO M.L. Baines (on promotion)
  • 7 TOR REGT, RSM, MWO J.C. Lombara (on promotion)
  • 32 SIG REGT, RSM, MWO H.Y. Hua (on promotion)
  • 48 HIGHRS, RSM, CWO M.G. French
  • TOR SCOT R, RSM, MWO G.R. Fraser (on promotion)
  • 33 CER, RSM, MWO S.B. Thompson (on promotion)
  • GGFG, RSM, MWO S. Marleau (on promotion)
  • HAST AND PE REGT, RSM, MWO V.S.P. Redmond (on promotion)
  • TG 2 IR RC AND ALQ REGT, RSM, MWO A.R. Breckon (on promotion)

3 Canadian Division

  • SASK D, SSM, WO T.R. Huckle (on promotion)
  • KOCR, RSM, MWO P.R. Fernandez.

Lieutenant-General Paul closed the message congratulating the Canadian Armed Forces personnel on their appointments.

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