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March 6, 2024 – Defence Stories

The CFO Merit Award recognizes individuals and teams, both civilian and military, in the Defence financial community who have made exceptional contributions to the financial support and management of the department and Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) operations.

During a virtual ceremony held on 5 February 2024, Five individuals and two teams were presented with the 2023 Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Merit Award. The ceremony was held on the opening day of the National Defence Comptrollers’ Conference and Training & Development Forum. Over 200 people from the Defence Financial Community were in attendance, including the award winners, their managers, and family and friends.

Congratulations to this year’s winners!

Read more about this year’s recipients below.

1. Commander Kathryn Logan- NCR Individual Award

Commander Kathryn Logan


Cdr Kathryn Logan is awarded the CFO Merit Award within the NCR individual category for their exceptional dedication to advancing financial management throughout the Royal Canadian Navy and the DND Financial Community as a whole. Their meticulous preparation, financial analysis, and attentiveness to fiscal credibility and accuracy of the naval program has enhanced DND’s overall financial operations. Moreover, their technical competency and professionalism as a Naval Logistics Finance Officer, and as a positive change agent for CAF culture and women leadership in Canada has been inspiring.

2. Major Monica Fournier- Region Individual Award

Major Monica Fournier


Major Monica Fournier is awarded the CFO Merit Award within the Regional individual category for her exceptional management, leadership, and personnel commitment to financial excellence and professional development of the Corporate Services Branch. As the Commanding Officer of Corporate Services Branch, Major Fournier has been instrumental in the prioritizing and re-balancing of financial staff, examining and implementing new processes, and enforcement of stringent financial tracking across the eight units in five geographically separate locations of 5th Canadian Division Support Group.


3. Rachel Winter Harstone – Financial Support Staff Award

Rachel Winter Harstone


Ms. Rachel Winter Harstone is awarded the CFO Merit Award within the Financial Support Staff category for her exceptional service, work ethic and standards of excellence. She proved herself invaluable in coordinating the in-person audit inventory counts at Canadian Force Bases, as we returned to full capacity after COVID-19 and while handling the seemingly insurmountable request volume from the Office of the Auditor General. Moreover, her attention to detail has ensured the accuracy and effectiveness of financial information presented as part of DND’s audit.


4. Ralph Prentice – Lifetime Award

Ralph Prentice


Mr. Ralph Prentice is awarded the CFO Merit Award within the Lifetime Achievement category for his stalwart professionalism and selfless dedication to the DND Financial Community. He has served as a Finance Clerk, a Naval Logistics Officer and as Public Servant for over 45 years. His knowledge of financial policy and management strategies has aided the RCN in implementing countless initiatives, navigating the ever-shifting fiscal climates. Moreover, he has done so while consistently ensuring that the Navy delivers the most operational excellence possible and balanced with ensuring for the care of Navy personnel.


5. Marc Papillon – Lifetime Award

Marc Papillon


Mr. Marc Papillon is awarded the CFO Merit Award within the Lifetime Achievement category for his impressive dedication to the DND Financial Community. Marc is a consummate professional, who has displayed an exceptional work ethic for over 40 years, and routinely demonstrates an acute ability to work with subordinates, peers and superiors alike. Moreover, Marc has worked with extraordinary resolve and noteworthy collaborative leadership skill, working with internal and external stakeholders, in his overall approach to the complexities of financial management and in particular to support the new Transition capability being created and delivered by the CAF Transition Group.



6. CMP In Year- Comptroller Team Award


The Chief Military Personnel (CMP) In-Year Comptroller Team is awarded the CFO Merit Award within the Team category for its exceptional contribution to the financial community within DND and the CAF. This team created and implemented a departmental-wide solution to the complex problem of rectifying a $40M revenue shortfall for all L1s affected by the implementation of CANFORGEN 180/22, Remit Charges for R&Q during Development Period 1. The team’s outstanding achievement not only strengthened the financial management of Rations and Quarters revenues for all L1s, but also reinforced a unity of purpose at all levels within DND and the CAF.

7. Materiel as a Service Team Award


The Materiel as a Service Team is awarded the CFO Merit Award within the Team category for its exceptional contribution to the financial community within DND and the CAF. Through highly collaborative and engaged teamwork, this team developed policy instructions and guidance that simplifies the complex accounting for acquisitions and services, significantly reducing the level of effort to manage these large contracts, simplify the accounting treatment going forward, and ensure proper materiel management considerations and inventory accuracy.

The team charged with accomplishing this monumental task included the following members from ADM(MAT): Dany Theriault (Team lead), Joyce Lyver, Bronwynn Guymer, Daniella Raycheva, Susan MacNeil, Neil Knapp, Michael Fleming

And the following members from ADM(FIN): Amy Begley, Anders Griffioen, Michael Mulvihill, Cory Yabsley, Evelyn Adu-Febiri, Ritu Chandra, Arlene Babins, Alex Pereira Jason Duff, Nahie Bassett

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