gino.jpegSome of the major award winners from the eighty-first convocation:MEDALS
The Governor General’s Gold Medal is awarded to the graduating student who achieves the highest academic standing in a Master’s degree programme.
G3307 Second Lieutenant D.R. Morgan
Runners-up: G3700 Second Lieutenant D.G.H. Bélanger and G3332 Mr. N.S. Chuka.

Gibson Medal – Graduating Year in memory of 2569 Major Desmond H. Gibson, ED and
805 Col The Honourable Colin W. Gibson, PC, MC, VD, is awarded to the top ROTP/RETP student in the Arts Division.
24215 J.B. Cox

Gino Bruni – Big Winner!

Pictured (click on photo for better view) is the big winner at the Convocation! 23988 G.M.F. Bruni, “marched sharply” off the stage with six different prizes, awards, medals and a prestigious scholarship last week. The various Awards:

The Governor General’s Silver Medal is awarded to the cadet with the highest overall average in the Fourth Year of study, on completion of an Honours or Engineering degree programme with First Class Honours, provided that a four-year programme of study has been completed and that an overall average of Second Class Honours has been recorded in Third Year.

The Professional Engineers of Ontario Gold Medal for Academic Achievement is awarded to the engineering student with the highest academic standing in the final year of a Bachelor degree.

The W.M Carleton Monk Memorial Scholarsip is awarded to the RETP Four Year cadet with the highest marks in academic subjects provided attendance at a university following graduation.

The Society of Chemical Industry Award, Canadian Section is awarded to the student who has the highest standing in the final year of the course in Chemical Engineering, provided that the overall average is at least A- and the course of study has been completed in the normal number of years. in Chemical Engineering


The NSERC fosters the discovery and application of knowledge through the support of university research and the training of scientists and engineers. The Council promotes the use of this knowledge to build a strong national economy and improve the quality of life of all Canadians.

Winning six awards at the Convocation wasn’t enough! The following day at the Commissioning Parade, Gino was the recipient of The Military Support Award of Merit which is awarded to the best cadet in the graduating class in a Support occupation, based on high standards of proficiency in each of the four components. (His MOC is Logistics (Air).

The future is indeed bright for this 2008 RETP graduate! Well done, Gino!


There is no truth to the rumour that the “Brinks Truck” with an armed guard, seen leaving the RMC grounds immediately following the Graduation Ceremonies contained all the trophies / medals / Scholarship/ & other various awards won by Gino Bruni.


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