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This year we recognize the 90th Anniversary of the End of the First World War. Remembrance events and activities will be held across Canada and overseas, providing opportunities for Canadians to learn about Canada’s role in the First World War.


grod.jpgDiscovery of historic wreck is a significant find

The fall of Fort Frontenac

(pictured left Maj. John Grodziniski, history professor at RMC)


Kaboul veut renégocier la présence internationale

Le Canada consacre 16 millions $ à la formation de jeunes officiers afghans

US cold-war waste irks Greenland

New navy supply ships too costly, government says

Renewing maritime fleet still priority, says minister

Interested in becoming a Member of the Veterans Review and Appeal Board?
Cheers greet Calgary colonel xBio

U. S. urban legend adapted for Afghan war


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