“As Vice Chancellor, I am deeply aware of the amazing history and recognize the fundamental role this institution plays in forming young officer cadets for future service to Canada as members within the profession of arms, along with providing a host of other renowned academic programs – many of these programs of course taken by the majority of the members of this impressive convocating class.”

A.D. Meinzinger



Royal Military College of Canada

21 November, 2014

Fall Convocation


The Commandant of the Royal Military College of Canada, BGen Al Meinzinger in his capacity as Vice Chancellor, conferred 84 undergraduate and graduate degrees. For the second straight year, he was filling in for the Chancellor – the Minister of National Defence the Hon Rob Nicholson.

The Convocation took place Friday, 21 Nov at Currie Hall; it was the 101st such ceremony in the history of the college. The Master of Ceremony, Dr. Sylvain Leblanc, was highly professional from start to finish.

An Honourary Doctorate was also bestowed to Dr. Elizabeth Jane Errington. Over her 27-year career as a history professor at RMCC, she distinguished herself as a devoted teacher, an internationally-renown scholar, an academic leader, and a role model.

Interestingly enough, BGen Meinzinger (Class of ’89)  was a cadet and attended classes taught by Dr. Errington. He recalled, ” I remember learning a great deal about Canadian history during her classes as she was always so interesting, professional and committed to her students. ” The former Deputy Cadet Wing Commander added: “Today, Dr Errington, we honour and recognize your incredible career and, of course, your service to Canada and to this marvellous College that means so much to us.

Dr Kowal was his usual gracious self. Both he and the commandant made mention of that fact that it was only 12 months ago that he was installed as principal.

He recognized and thanked a number of different people and organizations. “I would also to say how grateful we are to have the support of the RMC Club of Canada and the RMC Foundation and I would like to thank them for all they do, keeping the greater RMC community connected and supporting the enhancement of excellence in the RMC experience.”

The 1984 RMC graduate had this to say about members from the academic pillar. “I also know and appreciate with sincerity that I am truly blessed to be part of a great team that forms the Academic Wing here at RMC of Canada, with exceptional leadership from the VPs, Deans, Associate Deans, Heads of Departments and the Registrar. I am equally impressed by and appreciative of the outstanding contributions from all our faculty members and staff, who I know have worked hard to ensure you all were postured for the success you are enjoying today.”

To the graduates. “I applaud you all on your achievements today and I wish you continued success for a very bright career whatever that future may hold.”

Dr Errington delivered a very lively speech

Jane Errington was the  first female Dean at RMMC (Arts). Her address centred mainly about “The World of He”, she experienced during her early days on the peninsula. Soon after receiving a PhD from Queen’s, the former high school teacher (4 years); arrived at the college in the late summer of 1984 – only four years following the admission of the first 32 Lady Cadets, in 1980.  These first group of lady cadets had graduated just a few months prior to her arrival.

Undoubtedly, especially during the early years, the challenges were many – inside and outside the classroom. She touched on a few examples.  However, the former Department Head, and Dean of Arts quickly made her mark and before long introduced courses on gender at both the graduate and undergraduate level. She was highly regarded and highly respected by everyone she came in contact with during her 27 year RMCC career. During her enthusiast and interesting talk, the former well known demanding professor made special mention of the RMCC Support Staff and the high regard she had for them.  (e-Veritas Jane Errington article on her retirement)

The trio of Dr. Laura M. Robinson; Austin Gian Singh Thind; and Jeremy Paquet were recognized for special awards. Details of the awards follow below.

More photos by Kai ZhaoHere

CKWS video – One of the first female faculty members at RMC honoured.

A full list of the graduates & award winners follow.





Doctor of Philosophy  –  Doctorat en philosophie


Copeland, Kyle Arthur

Norman, Oklahoma, U.S.A.

Chemistry and Chemical Engineering / Chimie et génie chimique

Thesis – Mémoire : Cosmic Ray Particle Fluences in the Atmosphere Resulting from Primary Cosmic Ray Heavy Ions and their Resulting Effects on Dose Rates to Aircraft Occupants as Calculated with MCNPX 2.7.0 / Fluences de particules dans l’atmosphère résultant d’ions lourds de rayonnement cosmique primaire et leurs effets sur les taux de dose pour les occupants d’avions de ligne tels que calculés par MCNPX 2.7.0


Supervisors – Directeurs : Dr. B.J. Lewis / Dr. E.C. Corcoran

Sheibani, Sara

Montréal, QC

Chemistry and Chemical Engineering / Chimie et génie chimique

Thesis – Mémoire :  Cellular Strategies Aimed at Preventing Cell Death  / Stratégies cellulaires visant la mort cellulaire programmée


Supervisors – Directeurs :  Dr. M. Greenwood / Dr. H. Vali (McGill University)

Ezzein, Fawzy Mohammad

Kingston, ON

Civil Engineering  / Génie civil

Thesis – Mémoire :  Investigation of Soil-Geogrid Interaction Using a Novel Pullout Test Apparatus and Transparent Granular Soil  /  Une étude de l’interaction sol-géogrille avec un appareil d’essai d’arrachement innovateur et un sol granulaire transparent


Supervisor – Directeur : Dr. R.J. Bathurst

Lim, Bee Fong

Kingston, ON

Civil Engineering  / Génie civil

Thesis – Mémoire :  Advanced Testing and a Numerical Tool for Swell Equilibrium Limit of Expansive Soils  /  Tests avancés et un outil d’analyse numérique pour la limite de gonflements à l’équilibre des argiles expansives

Supervisor – Directeur : Dr. G.A. Siemens


Note:  Thesis titles have been provided by the authors at their discretion.

Notez : Les titres de thèse proviennent des auteurs et sont inclus à leur discrétion.


Master of Arts   –   Maîtrise ès arts



Anderson, Casey James PatrickAlmonte, ON Kalinowski, Christopher J.Ottawa, ON


Green, Rebecca C.A.Ottawa, ON Grunert, Lindsy L.Vancouver, BC Gunner, Tim E.Ottawa, ON


Master of Science   –   Maîtrise ès sciences


Cosway, Katryn

Long Sault, ON

Chemistry and Chemical Engineering / Chimie et génie chimique


Thesis – Mémoire :  Fate and Effect of Triclosan and Sulfamethoxazole within Meso-Scale Vertical Flow Constructed Wetlands /  Sort et effet du triclosan et du sulfaméthoxazole à la meso-échelle de l’écoulement vertical dans les marais artificiels

Supervisor – Directeur :  Dr. K. Weber


Ghoshouni Rahami, Zahra

Edmonton AB

Chemistry and Chemical Engineering / Chimie et génie chimique


Thesis – Mémoire :  Synthesis of Perylenediimide and Fullerene Functionalized Molecular Glasses / Synthèse de verres moléculaires fonctionnalisés avec des pérylènediimides et des fullerènes

Supervisor – Directeur :  Dr. O. Lebel



Alkhalifa, Loay

Mathematics / Mathématiques

Supervisor – Directeur :  Dr. J. Brimberg


Master of Engineering / Maîtrise en génie

Sauvé, James AndréOttawa, ONChemistry and Chemical Engineering / Chimie et génie chimique Juurlink, JonathanKingston, ONAeronautical Engineering / Génie aéronautique

Master of Applied Science / Maîtrise ès sciences appliquées


Clow, Rachel Diane

Orangeville, ON

Chemistry and Chemical Engineering / Chimie et génie chimique


Thesis – Mémoire : DDT Characterization and Remediation Options at Point Pelee National Park /  DDT caractérisation et des options de restauration au Parc national de la Pointe-Pelée

Supervisors – Directeurs : Dr. B. Zeeb / Dr. A. Rutter (Queen’s University)


Roeterink, Michael JohnKemptville, ONChemistry and Chemical Engineering / Chimie et génie chimiqueThesis – Mémoire : Simulation of Personal Protective Equipment Exposure to Radioactive Particulates /  Simulation de l’exposition d’équipement de protection personnelle à des macro-particules radioactivesSupervisors – Directeurs : Dr. E.C. Corcoran / Dr. E.G. Dickson
Stott, Colette AmeliaGlace Bay, NSChemistry and Chemical Engineering / Chimie et génie chimiqueThesis – Mémoire :  Pulsed Eddy Current Inspection of Second Layer Wing Structure/  Utilisation des courants de Foucault pulsés pour l’inspection de la deuxième couche structurale d’une aile d’avionSupervisors – Directeurs : Dr. T. Krause / Dr. R. Underhill Wartman, S. TrevorFort Erie, ONChemistry and Chemical Engineering / Chimie et génie chimiqueThesis – Mémoire : Performance Investigation of a Pilot-Scale Integrated Anaerobic Digestion-Solid-Oxide Fuel Cell System Calibrated to Experimental Stack Data  /  Enquête de performance sur un système à l’échelle pilote de piles à combustible à oxyde solide intégré à la digestion anaérobie et calibré avec données de piles expérimentalesSupervisors – Directeurs : Dr. C. Thurgood / Dr. B. Peppley
Abdelmohsen, Shahynaz Sayed KhallafKingston, ONCivil Engineering / Génie civilThesis – Mémoire : Equivalent Freshwater Models for Coastal Aquifers  /  Modèles équivalents d’eaux douces pour les aquifères côtiersSupervisors – Directeurs : Dr. M. Tétreault / Dr. M. Hulley Pelletier, PascalSt-Louis du Ha! Ha!, QCElectrical and Computer Engineering / Génie électrique et informatiqueThesis – Mémoire : Load Flow Approximations of Decentralized Power Grid Node Using Intelligent Agents  /  Approximation des flux d’écoulement de puissance d’un noeud décentralisé d’une grille électriqueSupervisors – Directeurs : Dr. D. Bouchard / Dr. M.T. Tarbouchi
Peristy, Luke HowardCobourg, ONMechanical Engineering / Génie mécanique Thesis – Mémoire : Examination of Small and Large Amplitude Aeroelastic Oscillations in Pitch of a NACA0012 Airfoil  /  Étude d’oscillations aéroélastiques en tangage de petite et grande amplitudes d’une aile NACA0012Supervisor – Directeur : Dr. D.C.M. Poirel Alousis, Peter LucasBarrie, ONAeronautical Engineering / Génie aéronautiqueThesis – Mémoire : Numerical Predictions of Evolving Crack Front Geometry and Fatigue Life from Countersunk Holes in Thin Plates  /  Prédictions numériques de l’évolution de la géométrie des fissures et la durée de vie en fatigue débutant de trous chanfreinés dans les plaques mincesSupervisor – Directeur : Dr. D. Wowk
Connerty, Thomas RobertBrampton, ONAeronautical Engineering / Génie aéronautiqueThesis – Mémoire : Optimal Trajectories for Autonomous Thermal Soaring  /  Trajectoires optimales en vol plané autonome utilisant des ascendants thermiquesSupervisor – Directeur : Dr. R.E. Perez


Master of Business Administration

Maîtrise en administration des affaires


Bae, Jae IkHamilton, ON Brown, Paul EverettWelland, ON Gaudet, RichelleKingston, ON Lucas, MikeKingston, ON
MacEachern, Cynthia J.The Pas, MB Reaume, Andrea PatriciaKitchener, ON Savard, Andre Francis NapoleonActon, ON


Master of Defence Studies

Maîtrise en études de la défense


Barsby, Adam PhilipThornton, ON Bérubé, ChantalLa Tuque, QC Chaloux, LynneOttawa, ON Chura, Jeffrey LeonardVictoria, BC
Clark, C. IainKanata, ON Davies, RichardParaparaumu, New Zealand Dobrei, Andrew JohnKanata, ON Faust, MartinGermany
Fraser, Paula JeanSydney, NS Glasson, David ScottSpringwood, New South Wales, Australia Hart, Robert GlennVictoria, BC Hogan, Timothy JosephGreenwood, NS
Jacula, Margaret AnneBarrie, ON Jobin, JeanQuébec, QC Levesque, NathalieLa Malbaie, QC Lewis, MichaelKingston, ON
Livermore, Ian Douglas DoddsRussell, ON(conferred  26 June 2014 – conféré 26 Juin 2014) Mandaher, Harpal Jagtar SinghEdmonton, AB Marchetti, Catherine J.Ottawa, ON McLaughlan, Patrick GordonOromocto, NB
Mercer, David ClaytonToronto, ON Rodgers, Marc William JohnOromocto, NB Schamehorn, Jeffrey JamesRocky Mountain House, AB Setchell, Scott EdwardHalifax, NS
Sharpe, Gordon FranklinVictoria, BC Smith, NicholasOttawa, ON Smithers, Patrick DonaldLondon, ON Stepaniuk, Daniel RichardBrantford, ON
Sutherland, ChristopherOttawa, ON Sweeney, David MichaelCalgary, AB Ushko, Amy KathleenWhitehorse, YT


Master of Public Administration

Maîtrise en administration publique


Corby, Raymond Jean-ClaudePetawawa, ON Dahl, Mary LouiseEdmonton, AB Hazen, David G.Halifax, NS Plante, ÉricMontréal, QC
Stevenson, Michael WayneGeorgetown, ON

Bachelor of Arts

Baccalauréat ès arts

Baxter, Matthew FrancisGeneral ArtsNorth Bay, ON Bernard, AlainGeneral ArtsGatineau, QC Boisjoli, André J.F.General ArtsMontréal, QC Cantin, Clément PatriceGeneral ArtsLévis, QC


Bachelor of Science    –    Baccalauréat ès sciences

Jayne, Amanda L.General ScienceGrand Falls-Windsor, NL Langevin-Boucher, NathanChimie avec spécialisation  Belœil, QC 


Bachelor of Military Arts and Science

Baccalauréat ès arts et sciences militaires

Bull, Trevor DavidLondon, ON Chapman, Benjamin JamesHonours Military StudiesThunder Bay, ON  Coley, StuartSt-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC Dib, Ramzi GabrielGatineau, QC
Dionne, GeoffreyAlma, QC Dunlop, Glen MichaelOttawa, ON Foster, Robert MichaelOttawa, ON Gerbrandt, Marshall JamesHonours Military StudiesFredericton, NB 
Hivon, MartinMontréal, QC Legendre, ClaudeGrandby, QC Marshall, Donald Ian FraserGeorgetown, ON Orange, Timothy JosephHamilton, ON


 Convocation PhotosPhotovisions is the official photographer for the Royal Military College of Canada Convocation.  Photos of graduates are available for sale to the public at www.photovisions.ca.  Click on the ‘view/order’ online tab. The password is RMC-FallConvo2014.  Orders will be shipped directly to your preferred mailing address.Photos de la Collation des grades : Photovisions est le photographe officiel de la Collation des grades du Collège militaire royal du Canada.  Les photos des diplômés seront disponibles et en vente au site www.photovisions.ca.  Cliquez sur l’onglet ‘commande’ et insérez le mot de passe RMC-FallConvo2014.  Les commandes seront expédiées directement à l’adresse préférée.



The Colonel the Honourable John Matheson Academic Leadership Award – The Academic Leadership Award was established upon the suggestion of Colonel, the Honourable John Matheson, to recognize outstanding leadership by a member of the RMC academic faculty in support of the objectives of the Royal Military College. This is the fourth year this award is being presented.  We are honoured to have Colonel Matheson with us to present it to: Le prix leadership académique  Le colonel l’honorable John Matheson – La récompense scolaire de conduite a été établie sur la suggestion du colonel, l’honorable John Matheson, pour identifier la conduite exceptionnelle d’un membre du corps enseignant du Collège militaire royal à l’appui des objectifs du Collège militaire royal du Canada. C’est la quatrième année où cette récompense est présentée.  Nous sommes honorés d’avoir le colonel Matheson avec nous pour présenter cette récompense à:


Laura M. Robinson

Laura Robinson is an Associate Professor and Head of the English Department at the Royal Military College of Canada.  A specialist in Canadian women’s writing, gender theory, and children’s literature, she’s published articles about girls’ stories, the fiction of Ann-Marie Macdonald and Margaret Atwood, in addition to many articles on L.M. Montgomery’s work.  She has curated an exhibit on L.M. Montgomery and the First World War which has been on display in France, Charlottetown, Kingston, Uxbridge, and Leaskdale, and is scheduled for Toronto and London England in 2015.  She teaches courses in Gender and Literature and Children’s Literature.  In addition to her other university service, Dr. Robinson sits on RMC’s Senate, Queen’s University Council, and the Council of Ontario Universities. Laura Robinson est professeure agrégée et chef du département d’anglais au Collège militaire royal du Canada. Un spécialiste de l’écriture des femmes canadiennes, de la théorie du genre, et de la littérature pour la jeunesse, elle a publié des articles sur les histoires de filles (« girls’ stories »), la fiction d’Ann-Marie MacDonald et de Margaret Atwood, en plus de nombreux articles sur les travaux de LM Montgomery. Elle a organisé une exposition sur LM Montgomery et la Première Guerre mondiale qui s’est venue en France, à Charlottetown, à Kingston, à Uxbridge, et à Leaskdale. L’exposition est aussi attendue à Toronto et à Londres, en Angleterre en 2015. Elle enseigne des cours sur le genre et la littérature et des cours portant sur la littérature pour de jeunesse. En plus de ses autres activités administratives, Mme Robinson siège au Sénat de CMR, au Conseil de l’Université de Queen’s, et au Conseil des universités de l’Ontario.


 The Royal Military College of Canada Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Post-Graduate Scholarship – was created through the generosity of an anonymous donor to recognize academic excellence and research promise in a candidate taking a Masters or Doctoral degree in the disciplines of Mechanical or Aeronautical Engineering.  This year the recipient is:  La Bourse des études supérieures du département de génie mécanique et génie aérospatial du Collège militaire royal du Canada – fut créée par la générosité d’un donateur anonyme afin de reconnaître le candidat aux études supérieures en génie mécanique ou aéronautique, qui démontre d’excellentes qualités académiques et de promesse comme chercheur.  Cette année le récipiendaire est :


Austin Gian Singh Thind

 The Colonel Geoff Parker Memorial Award – is presented to an officer of the Canadian Forces who displayed outstanding leadership, professionalism, perseverance and academic excellence in the pursuit of technical studies, following the completion of a graduate degree from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the Royal Military College of Canada.  The award is given in memory of Colonel Geoff Parker, CD, MEng of the Royal Canadian Regiment who obtained a masters in Electrical Engineering from the Royal Military College of Canada and was tragically killed in action in Kabul, Afghanistan on 18 May 2010.  This year’s recipient is:  Le prix commémoratif colonel Geoff Parker – est décerné annuellement à un officier des Forces canadiennes qui s’est démarqué par son leadership exceptionnel, son professionnalisme, sa persévérance et sa réussite extraordinaire dans ses études lors de la poursuite d’études techniques, après avoir complété un diplôme d’études supérieures du département de génie électrique et de génie informatique du Collège militaire royal du Canada.  Le prix est remis en mémoire du colonel Geoff Parker, CD, MEng du Royal Canadian Regiment qui a obtenu une maîtrise en génie électrique du Collège militaire royal du Canada et QUI fut tragiquement tué au combat à Kaboul en Afghanistan le 18  mai 2010.   Cette année le récipiendaire est :

Jeremy Paquet

Congratulations to the Class of 2014!


Félicitations à la Promotion de 2014!